WIWW: Katy, the weather jinx.

posted on: Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Jeans: Old Navy // Gray long-sleeved shirt: H&M // Sweater: Anthropologie. // Boots: Target






Growing up, I always felt like a snowy weather jinx. I wanted to see snow SO badly and being a south Florida baby, that was never going to happen at home. I was in my cousin’s wedding in Buffalo, NY when I was six and had secretly hoped that I would see snow and that my standing in freezing cold weather in a short sleeved dress(at the end of October) for pictures wouldn’t be in vain. It was. The second we got into the airport it started flurrying and by the time we landed at home in Florida, they had received over a foot of snow. This continually happened throughout my life. I’d go visit my Dad in Atlanta and it would snow the day after I left. It rarely failed. I kept on calling myself a weather jinx and my mother tried to reassure me that I was just being ridiculous.

The kicker was in 2007, when I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in NYC. I was expecting to have snow, I just knew it had to happen. It was New york, it just had to snow. Nope, 60 degrees both days. Are you kidding?

Fast forward to now. We just moved to Charlotte last summer and I was excited to have at least one day of snow at least. Well, then yesterday our local weatherman tweeted that this may be the first Winter without snow, in Charlotte, in 133 years. Seriously? Seriously.

So, if you live in Charlotte and hate the snow, you’re welcome. Perhaps I should consider a career move. If you’re dealing with snow right now and are sick of it, I’m available for travel.

pleated poppy

  • Well, I’m impressed – with that skill, come visit me in Michigan! Although even here our snowfall has been much less than average this year.

  • Oh so cozy and I’m lovin’ that scarf and all the layers! New to your blog and am enjoying finding style inspiration all around :D Enjoy your Wednesday…

  • Cute layers and I love the color combo!

  • Love your infinity scarf and layered shirts:) Stay Fashionable! Love,Candy

  • love the layers! very cute!

  • Could you make it snow here in southeast PA please?

  • Maybe if I travel to the West coast, the snow will show up on the East coast. I’ll take a trip to Hawaii for you anytime! ;)

  • We’re expecting slush today, maybe. I’m hoping it won’t be too icey when I decide to go running later on. I’m okay without snow (it makes driving a hassle), but I’m worried we’re going to get hit HARD in February if this weather keeps up.

  • Haha, It’s because I’m getting closer! ;)

  • Thanks so much! It was a cold day so layers were key! I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday and a fabulous weekend!

  • Thank you so much!

  • Thank you so much! It’s actually a regular knit scarf that I tied at the ends to make into an infinity scarf. Sometimes we must get creative with what we have, right? Thanks for reading, Candy!

  • Thank you!

  • Yikes! I’ll come to your state soon and help prevent the slush. I hope it’s not too bad for you!

  • This is so cute! Definitely one of my go-to outfits!! You are so pretty. Thanks for linking up Wed!