Lazy, wonderful weekend.

posted on: Monday, January 16, 2012

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This weekend was wonderful! My father came into town on Friday evening and we headed out to our favorite burger joint to start the weekend off right. Saturday we were totally lazy, minus taking Nola to her training class and going to Uptown Charlotte to eat at our favorite Italian restaurant. It was just right. Sometimes we need time to be totally lazy and rest.

Sunday, my dad left around eleven(sad face) and we got out of the house to get some things done. Time at a coffee shop and a trip to Target. As well as a failed trip to Ikea. Apparently everyone in the Charlotte area decided to get their projects done at the same time, the lines were a mile long! We decided to not purchase anything, but just spend time browsing. It took the pressure off, but we didn’t last long at all.

We headed home and spent the night on a mission: to get rid of fleas. Poor Nola has been itching up a storm. We vacuumed every inch of the house, washed everything of hers as well as herself. It was exhausting, but hopefully we got them all. The things we do for our pets, right? Afterwards we watched some of the Golden Globes and made our first batch of jiffy pop. It was a great weekend and I’m not so ready for Monday, but here it is! Another week is upon us. Let’s make it great, shall we?

  • golden globes?

  • Yep, those things. I always get awards shows mixed up, I definitely did that this weekend.

  • looks like you had fun!

  • Omg, did Nola get bigger? Or am I just bad a keeping up on your blog?

  • Sounds a lot like my weekend :) That black room with the white bench-rad-love the colors. Hope you feel rested up to go after this week ahead!

  • oohhhh just noticed your instagram link on the side bar.. is that a widget! i wannnttt it :)

  • I love lazy weekends. Ikea is amazingly fun to visit, too. We got a lot of our fill-in furniture from Ikea when we bought the house.

    May I ask, what is it you are reading in the pictures above?

  • Stephanie

    Aww, poor Nola. If you have a lot of carpeting, we sprinkled Borax all over and vacuumed it like 15 minutes later. That seemed to help.

  • She’s a big girl! Almost 60 pounds now..can you believe it? It’s hard for us to tell because we see her everyday, but I think she has had a growth spurt recently.

  • It was a model room at Ikea! I absolutely loved it and had to snap a shot of it for when we buy a house. I love the bench and chalkboard wall mix!

  • Yes! Look up Instagram in widgets, there are a few!

  • My bible is open and the book on the table is “The Circle Maker” praying around our biggest dreams by Mark Batterson. I haven’t started it yet!

  • Thank you for the tip! We have a couple of rugs, but it’s mostly wood floors in our place!

  • Kim

    Hi there. Just found your blog from Caitlin (HTP). :) I live in Huntersville and work in Charlotte. What is your favorite Italian restaurant that you went to in Uptown? Thanks!

  • Vapiano! Amazing prices and the most authentic Italian pizza we’ve had outside of Italy. Delicious! Have you tried it yet?

  • Kim

    no, i sure haven’t, but i’ll put it on my list! :) I always love to hear about good restaurants in the area. :)