An Eventful Thursday.

posted on: Thursday, January 12, 2012



Today has been quite an eventful day! First of all, we got news this morning that our sweet niece is due to arrive TODAY! Yep, today. I can’t wait to hold that precious girl in my arms, only that will have to wait until next month when we head down to Orlando. I could just cry, I’m SO excited!

Second of all, I just got back from the vet with Nola. Towards the end she started flirting it up with a bulldog in the lobby. She would not leave that poor dog alone, but he liked her too and so my arm almost fell off as they were playing and getting their leashes tangled with each other. Well, then they left with the dog and it turns out it was a Panther’s player, Legedu Naanee, and his dog. She has good taste and a new boyfriend, a bulldog named Boss. She prefers the shorter boys.

They say things happen in threes, so maybe one more very exciting thing will happen today? We shall see. Happy Thursday, friends!

  • Sounds like a wonderful day to me! Hope you get a third piece of good news. ;)

  • It sounds like an exciting day, and I hope you get a happy 3rd thing as well:)

  • i hope you get your third piece of good news! It sounds like you’re having a lovely thursday! :-)