There will be cupcakes.

posted on: Monday, January 9, 2012




This weekend? A complete success! Well, you can’t really go wrong when your weekend starts with cupcakes that are delivered by a handsome man. He hadn’t even seen my blog post on Friday that listed: cupcake date. You win, husband. You win. We took Nola to her training class where she had the best time and took her on a long walk to make sure she was thoroughly wiped out for the night. Mission accomplished.

Yesterday we had a great time at church and managed to be ready in time for the early service, which has proven difficult lately. We feel much more productive on those days, so I consider that a big success. We had some time to read at a coffee shop, drove around looking at our dream neighborhoods, watched our favorite shows to our hearts content and drank cups of coffee on laid-back mornings. We also gave Noles a treat of a little plain greek yogurt and peanut butter to celebrate her being nine months yesterday.

This week seems long and daunting after a fantastic weekend, but I am looking forward to celebrating one year of blogging on Katy Loves. I can tell you one thing, there will be cupcakes!

  • the weekend over here was full of happy accidents.

    some of the to-do list did get accomplished, but we both started feeling kinda “off” on Friday night, so date night out instead because ‘let’s chill at the apartment and get some rest.’ Yesterday Nicholas woke up with a bunch of killer cold symptoms, so I did my absolute best to make him feel better. Today, I woke up at 4 AM, feeling crummy myself and decided by 5AM, that calling into work today for rest and recovery would be much better than what I usually do – work two days feeling gross and then finally take off on Wednesday when i am worse. I feel like I’m officially an adult with this decision ;)

    Those happy accidents, though? We stumbled across the start of a movie on comedy central yesterday that we had never heard of but really loved – Extract. So funny! Also made a pumpkin pie cheesecakey thing, recreated a favorite recipe of Linds’, got a little bit crafty, and did a bit of organizing each day.

    Now on to the next thing: making sure this week is fabulous, too!

  • Love these photos…oh and your dog makes me miss mine!

    I am doing a THEIT CAMERA BAG GIVEAWAY on Color Issue…I think you would totally love it!!!


  • Pictures of Nola make me happy. :) As do pictures of cupcakes.

  • Aw, so sorry you both are under the weather but it still sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! You managed to be more productive than I am when I’m sick. :) Glad you’re taking the day off, I believe you made the right decision! See, that’s your one healthy decision so far today! Now..make another. ;)

  • First of all, totally love your blog! I found it through Daybook a few months ago. Second, I will definitely be entering that giveaway. The bag is gorgeous! Third, thank you for leaving a sweet comment!

  • Aww, yay! I’m glad they make you happy. She’s a goof ball and the best model around. That was the best cupcake ever. The frosting tasted like fresh, sweet strawberries!

  • Mmm … cupcakes! Our weekend was pretty laid back, since I was recovering from a yucky flu and my son had a cold. We spent lots of time wrapped in blankets on the couch, watching Elmo, Toopy and Binoo, and Mighty Machines. I love going to the early service at church too – we’re up anyway, since Topher wakes up at 7 am regardless of the day – and it just feels like a much more productive day!

  • So sorry you were both so sick! Glad you had time to just rest and snuggle up with your boy. I hope you both heal up very, very soon!

  • sounds like a GREAT weekend. Very productive, unlike mine.. unless you consider spending the whole weeekend on your couch in your sweats successful :) successfully rested? either way happy monday!

  • I consider that a major weekend success. Love it! Successfully rested indeed. I hope you got all the rest you needed!!

  • Gorgeous pics and those cupcakes do look delicious!


  • Ah, what a great weekend Katy! Those cupcakes are definitely a plus!