Weekend Cravings.

posted on: Friday, January 6, 2012



This weekend I’m craving:

A cupcake date or shall I say a sugar high?

Later mornings & cups of coffee with my mister.

A trip to the dog park & training class with our Nola.

Celebrating her nine month birthday on Sunday with some puppy ice cream.

Sunday morning at church.

Time in the Word at a coffee shop.

Movies and episodes of our favorite show while snuggled on the couch.

Planning and prepping a post to celebrate the first anniversary of this here blog on Wednesday!

* “Weekend cravings” is a brand new, weekly series. Every Friday, I’ll leave my little list here, setting happy intentions for my weekend. Feel free to post your own list on your blog and leave your link in the comments. Or just leave your list right there instead. I’d love to read your own weekend cravings!

  • a GREAT list of cravings, if i do say so myself.

    I happen to have a list of weekend to-do right here on my desk, which fits the cravings theme PERFECTLY [if i do say so myself]:

    +Makin’ a mixed CD for a blogger friend to cook to.
    +Pull out the rubber stamps and make something crafty. [i have an idea or two in mind]
    +SLEEP IN. [saturdays and sundays are my favorite because nicholas does not have to get out of bed at 5:15 AM. I RARELY sleep past 7 and NEVER past 9, but i love getting up on my own!]
    +there will be a date night.
    +listen to podcasts. [let’s be honest. in the last several months, not a day has gone by that i don’t listen to podcasts, but i enjoy it so much! i cant help it!]
    +going for a “short little run” [which may turn into a longer run if i feel so motivated.]

    i am sure much more will be done.

  • Your weekend kinda sounds like my weekend :) Have fun, Katie!

  • So yeah – I read your list and immediately needed to make one of my own! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • What, exactly, is “puppy ice cream”? We celebrate our dog’s birthday with a scoop of soft food on top of her usual hard food – anything else seems to upset her tummy :( I’m sure she’d love some puppy ice cream, though :D

  • Love the new series! This weekend I’m craving time with my husband and he’s actually off Saturday and Sunday for the first time in forever – I’m SO excited!

  • love your list of cravings! i’m so excited to meet you @ blissdom! woo hoo!

  • Oooooh I love it! This weekend I’m craving:
    outdoorsy time. Hiking in the Shenandoah NP.
    Hanging out with a college best friend.
    Coffee drinking at my favorite shop in CVille.
    Attempting to be crafty and making shirts.

    Here’s to a great weekend!

  • you look absolutely beautiful! love the blonde + red lips!!!

  • Why, thank you! So glad you already have a weekend to-do list. Sort of the best to-do list there is, am I right?! Love your list. Sounds perfect! I need to get back to running.

  • It’s called Frosty Paws! We found it in the ice cream section of our grocery store! It’s formulated to be safe for dogs. :)

    You can see a picture of the box in this post: http://katyloves.com/2011/10/its-the-weekend-and-were-going-all-out/

  • Oh yay! So glad to hear it. Enjoy your weekend!!

  • I love Charlottesville! I got a delicious iced breve at a little shop there. Yum!

  • Thank you, sweet friend!! You just made my day. :)

  • My weekend was busy but fun. Before the weekend began I was craving church, craving a couple runs, and craving a lot of chocolate! I got two out of three (not a lot of chocolate in my house), so it was a good weekend!

  • I just came across your blog and I LOVE it!! Your adorable! NEW follower xo

  • Oh Lindsay, you just made my day and it’s not even 9:30 yet. So happy you’re following my blog now! I actually found your blog not too long ago and I love it!