Why hello there, 2012!

posted on: Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!


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Hello, friends! Welcome to the new year. I have a wonderful feeling about this one! I really, really do. We rang in the New Year at my friend Kelly’s house. Well, technically we rang in the last few hours of 2011 at her (gorgeous) new home, but 2012 started at our place. It began in my comfiest PJ’s, snuggling with cutest pup I know. I actually didn’t realize it was 2012 until I heard fireworks going off in our neighborhood. I just like to ease into my New Year, you see. I’ve missed the countdown the last couple of years and I’m sort of okay with that. Now is the perfect time to set some goals for myself for the coming year. I need a change, big time. I’m ready to get to work and challenge myself. I prefer setting goals as opposed to “resolutions”.

As for my goals for this year? Here are the ones that have been on my mind lately.

Follow Jesus better. I’m a follower of Christ and my life should center around Him. I really should be in my bible and in prayer much more than I am. It’s not a rule, it’s not that I have to do it, I really don’t. I’m loved and forgiven for who I am, despite the bad that I have in my heart and my sinful nature. But when I don’t follow closely to the Lord? When I don’t get my time in prayer? I feel stressed, anxious, sad, burdened and bogged down with life. I really do. Even reading one chapter in my bible and I feel like so much weight lifts off of my shoulders. It’s my truth and my encouragement. My relationship with the Lord is the most important thing in my life and I want to grow in my faith so much more this year.

Focus more on the blog. I’m planning on posting more and consistently. Putting much more into my writing and photography. I have lots of plans for the blog that I’m very excited about.

Build my business. The end of the year was a tough time to get my business started. I’m hoping, with the new year here, that I’ll be able to find many more opportunities. Definitely praying for success in that. You can read my progress with being self-employed on the blog that I contribute to, RevolutionizeHer.

More handmade. I often say I’m going to do this or that project and I don’t get it done. Life gets in the way. Less TV time will help this and get me working on projects more. It’ll be more satisfying to use my free time to work on fun, crafty things. I just bought a crochet hook and yarn thanks to inspiration from this lovely lady. I’m excited to get started! My hope is, by the end of the year, to be able to give handmade gifts to friends and family.

Practice, practice, practice. Practice photography more, start learning how to play my new keyboard and continue learning more on my guitar. I love music and have always wanted to be able to continue playing, singing and writing music. So I’m going to put more work into that. Not sure where it’ll go, or if it’ll go anywhere outside my front door, but it’ll make me happy just practicing and spending time on music. It’s my heart!

Surround myself with more beauty. Read more books, more poetry, listen to more music, spend more time outside, work on my personal style and my photography. Capture more of life’s lovely moments.

Get back on track. We have to work out our finances, since they took a hit from moving and traveling to and from Charlotte last year. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to buy a house in a year or two and start saving more. It’ll take time, patience and sacrificing some of our comforts but it’ll be well worth it. We’re also hoping to adopt another pup as soon as we get our finances in order.

Earlier to bed and earlier to rise. My sleeping schedule hasn’t been great for a while. I tend to want to get up early, but then also want to stay up late. I seem to get tired in the evening and then immediately get my second wind as I start winding down for bed. I’m hoping to get my body on a new schedule. To bed around 9:30, read for a little while and hopefully fall asleep by ten. I’m also hoping to be able to wake up by 6. I feel better and more productive when I get up earlier, even though it’s SO hard for me to get out of bed. I’m a chronic “snooze” button hitter.

Love better. Considering the husband and I are most likely only a year or two away from starting our own family, I want to make sure that this year, we focus on spending quality time together. Time unplugged from our electronics. More time goal setting for ourselves and focusing on our faith. More time praying together and (hopefully) our first real vacation since our honeymoon. Somewhere we’ve never been together. Also, we’re still building our family of friends here in Charlotte. We’ll hopefully be in a small group through our church soon and hopefully we’ll meet more new friends. I’m hoping to pour into my relationships more because they are so important. I’m looking forward to seeing who God puts into our lives this year!

Those are some of my goals for this new year. Have you posted about your goals? Feel free to leave your link in the comments, I would love to read them!

  • …. makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise! <3

  • Absolutely!

  • i want to follow Jesus better too. let’s encourage each other in the journey! much love girl!

  • that’s a lot of goals but it sounds like it’s going to make you happy ;) i particularily like your last one – love better. although for me, babies are still3-5 years away, i’m realizing how important these years with just the two of us are…

  • Would love that! The more encouragement the better. :)

  • Definitely, it’s a lot. But they are mostly things I constantly want to work on all year. Go big or go home? ;) Yes, no matter when babies come, it’s important to really enjoy time as just the two of you. I completely agree! I’m realizing that more and more myself.

  • Lovely goals! Good luck with all of them. I too am trying the ‘earlier to bed earlier to rise’ … Here’s to the determination to make it work! looking forward to more posts,
    Happy new year!

  • good goals! good luck with all of them.
    my pup wakes me up at 7am every morning so i’ve got that ‘early to rise’ bit down. hehe.