She’s Nola.

posted on: Thursday, December 15, 2011








She’s crazy a lot of the time, she tries to destroy our furniture, she jumps, she barks at us, she’s mouthy(in the nibbling on your hand sense of the word). She’s a puppy. She’s sweet, she’s SO adorable, she’s soft, she’s beautiful, she’s my first “child”, she’s learning. She’s Nola and we absolutely love her! We just got back from one of our two weekly training walks. I’m going to have some sore arms tomorrow, that girl is strong! I realized I haven’t posted many pictures of her in a while. Can you believe that she’s eight months old now? Or that she’s gotten so big since that first post? I wish I could have a couple days of teeny-tiny Nola again. Then I remember getting up with her a ton in the middle of the night and that feeling withers away quickly.

P.S.- I’m guest posting over at Healthy Ashley today with my post on Comparison. It’s one of my favorites!

  • She’s so big! But so sweet looking. :)

  • These pics blow my mind. It seems like only 2 months ago that you got her!

  • those pictures kill me! she is so adorable!
    my puppy is almost a year old now.
    time flies!
    it makes me a little sad, but i will continue to call her a puppy regardless!

  • She can be frustrating at times, but super sweet. :)

  • I know! It’s been six! Can you believe it?

  • I’m looking forward to her chilling out more as time goes by. OH! Plus, I can’t run with her until she’s 1 1/2 years old, so I’m looking forward to that too.

  • Nola is sooooo adorable. She looks like a lovebug. And a couch hog. (all the best dogs are.). I had a lab and he used to do that exact same pose on the couch.

  • NOT. ONE. BIT.

  • That pose always makes my day! I’ll be in the kitchen and thats the spot in the couch where she can watch me there and every once in a while, she’ll prop herself up like that. SO CUTE! Melts my heart every time. I love labs! My mom and step-dad are adopting one sometime in the Spring!

  • Jes

    Oh goldens really are the best dogs! Nola is such a cutie! I remember when I still had my golden he was not allowed on the couch (initially). Whenever my mom and I would come back from the store, we would see his little head pop up in the window (which could only be accessed by way of the couch), and then he would jump down. There was always a nice warm spot on the couch where you knew he had been laying. They are just too darn cute! Nola is adorable!

  • She’s only allowed on if we have a special blanket on the couch, but she still jumps up even if it’s not on there. Our family dog used to do that! There’d always be a warm spot and he’d jump down as soon as we got home. Too cute!