The World Needs More Love Letters.

posted on: Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I miss hand written letters. I miss the excitement of getting a letter in the mail that isn’t junk mail. A letter that is meant to lift you up, make you happy and makes your day. I wrote a lot to friends in college, I’ve had pen pals over the years, I’ve received letters from friends that I wasn’t expecting and it always made my day better.

So, when I received an e-mail from an amazing group over at The World Needs More Love Letters, I was so excited to participate. They are bringing people up from difficult situations one hand-written letter at a time.


Here’s some more information about them:

What is The World Needs More Love Letters?

The World Needs More Love Letters is a community of “love letter writers” who write and leave letters across the map in hopes that the right people will pick them up. We leave them everywhere: books, coffee shops, coat pockets, trains. Love letter writers document the letter writing and dropping through photographs, blog posts, and social media.

What is a Love Letter Bundle?

Once a month, we take an extra special letter request and we mail it out to our email subscriber list. Those on the list then have 10 days to script a love letter for the individual in need and mail it over to PO Box 2061, North Haven CT 06473. We then bundle up the love letters and mail them over to the unsuspecting recipient with a letter from on top to explain just why they are holding a pile of stationery from strangers in hand.”

So when I was approached to write a letter for an individual in great need of some encouragement, how could I say no? I couldn’t.


Anthony is receiving the love letter today. Here’s his story:

Anthony recently lost the love of his life and high school sweetheart to a 10-year-battle with cancer. The two were each others’ first loves and Anthony held her hand, fighting until the end. Anthony’s niece requested this letter for her uncle, writing, “She was his best friend and soul mate. They had no children, just each other. The holidays will be really hard for him this year so I think he would benefit greatly from these love letters.”

Wow. I was blown away by hearing his story. Where do I even begin to write?

My words won’t heal his heart, I know that, but if they could put a smile on his face for even a second, it would be well worth it.

I want to encourage you to encourage someone else today. I’d love for you to write a letter to Anthony as well. He’s going through so much heartache right now. I can’t even imagine. What if we could shower him with tons of letters? Maybe he won’t feel so alone, maybe it will make his day. Maybe it will help even just a little bit. So, won’t you please join me?

If you’d like to participate, write a letter in the next week to Anthony and send it to More Love Letters at PO Box 2061, North Haven CT 06473. Also, if you choose to participate, would you let me know in the comments? I’d love to know! If you blog and choose to write a letter, please encourage your readers to write a letter as well. Let’s get tons of letters for Anthony.


  • This is so lovely. So very lovely. I want to look into this because it’s something that I would really love to do.

    On an unrelated note, what do you do to your pictures to get them to have that filter? I really like it.

  • You should definitely participate! I highly encourage it!!

    I use Photoshop Elements and I added a fill layer, changed it from normal to “exclusion” and I drag it around the color scheme to find the right tint. For this, I used a darker gray. You can adjust the opacity of the layer too. Hope that makes sense!

  • Yay! Thanks for participating in this campaign with us Katy!

  • Thank you so, so much for inviting me to participate!

  • :) I miss getting letters.

  • I put my name/email on the list. :)

    Thank you! I’m going to go experiment with my photos now, haha.

  • I love this idea. I signed up. And they are right – the world needs more letters in general.

  • That makes me so happy to hear, Kelly! So glad you’ll be writing a letter! :)

  • lovelee – will do!

  • Wow- what a cool organization! Anthony’s story makes me heart hurt a little bit, and I hope that your letter will bring a small amount of love and joy to his heart this Christmas season!

  • This is amazing! funny story: I actually made a list of 26 things i wanted to do before I turned 26 and one of them was to write at least one friend/ family member a week because i think writing letters and receiving letters is something that is awesome and has sadly fallen by the way side.
    So when i read the title of your post I got goosebumps. how incredible is that organization. I am definitely going to try it. thank you for posting about this!

  • I certainly hope so! It makes heart hurt for him, too.

  • Oh wow, I love that goal! I may need to start that myself. I’m all about going back to basics next year. I think my main goal(or resolution) is to simplify. That’ll be the theme of 2012 for me. :) I just decided. ;)

  • This is such a lovely post. So happy to have found your blog. X

  • I think that is one of the best yet most difficult things to do. Simplify. We get bombarded by all these images and messages telling us we need more stuff but we don’t need it. And it never makes me happier in the long run getting a ‘thing’ I wanted. I’m happier seeing a friend, or spending time with the fam. And ummmm…. I realize lots of people have discovered this already. And even tried to tell this to the world. I am sloooow on the uptake what can I say?!
    I fully support your simplification resolution! Only good things can come of it. (:

  • Hi Katy! Found you via Healthy Ashley–thanks for the lovely guest post, and for this great letter idea. I’m a big fan of letter writing, but this just brings it to the next level :-)

  • So happy you found it as well, Claire! Thank you for a lovely comment. :)

  • Absolutely! I haven’t really asked for much for Christmas because I have everything I need. I’m healthy, I’m happy, I have love(family, friends), I have a home and I have food on my plate!

  • Hello, Kiah! I’m so glad you liked that post and this one. I hope you’ll take part in writing a letter to Anthony!