My Favorite Christmas Album Ever.

posted on: Thursday, December 8, 2011


I don’t know about you, but I have one Christmas album that fills my heart with happiness and brings me back to years and years of Christmases. For me, it’s Amy Grant’s “Home For Christmas”. The first few notes of that album start playing and I’m transported back to myself as a ten-year-old. That was the year I truly fell in love with this album. I’d lay awake in bed, every night, with this playing in the background. It had me day-dreaming of snow and gave me hope that maybe one little flake may fall where I lived. I dreamed of ice skating with those flakes falling all around me. I pictured us gathered around a fireplace, sipping hot cocoa while watching Christmas movies.

Okay, so I lived in SOUTH Florida and snow was definitely not going to happen. But, now that we live in Charlotte, I am so much closer that dream. One day, my own family and I will have a white Christmas here in Charlotte and we’ll sit by the fireplace and drink hot cocoa while listening to this very album.


Last year, I did get my white Christmas when a huge snowstorm blew through the mountains. We were actually stuck! That wasn’t what I had in mind, but it seems all of the snow I had hoped and prayed for all of those years was dumped on us at once. This year we’ll be in Orlando for Christmas and it will be my first Christmas with Adam’s family. I’m SO excited to have some extended family town and to see our friends back home as well. No white Christmas this year, but I’m really looking forward to it. Especially with a little babe(our niece) so close to arriving! Actually, we’re technically getting two Christmases this year. The weekend before we leave for Florida, my family is coming for the night so we can have our own little Christmas. I have a feeling it’s going to be wonderful!

  • I was just thinking about this subject today! If I only had one Christmas CD it would be this one, too!! :)

  • Okay, this is too crazy cuz this exact album is MY FAVORITE Christmas album ever too! Love it.

  • I have been listening to that album and her other Christmas album since I was a kid too. Seriously, Amy Grant used to be my favorite singer before she went country. I can’t wait to get to my parents and listen to it again!

  • Really?! Oh my gosh. It never gets old. Sometimes I must sound silly saying I love this Amy Grant album but it really brings me back home! It’s too funny because a lot of this album is played over and over on Christmas stations as well. Classic.

  • Do you remember when I sat upon your knee and told you about my childhood fantasies . . . ahhhhhhh love that album!!!! Always have! Always will!!! :)

  • Aww, I hope you get there soon! I can’t listen to it much until I’m with my family either. :)

  • Yes! It makes me both happy and a little sad at the same time. I miss being a little kid sometimes, but can’t wait to share it with my own kids someday!