Back In Blonde.

posted on: Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My hairstory. Get it? Instead of history? Yes, I amuse myself daily. It doesn’t take much.

So, let us begin at the beginning. I’m a natural blonde, here’s mini-Katy to prove it.



My senior year of high school, I decided I wanted to try something different. We are great friends with my hairstylist back home, so I talked to her about going dark. I went from a reddish-brown which faded to RED. I’m talking redhead red. People kept saying I looked like Mary Jane from Spiderman. I’d post a picture of it, but the only that one that existed died along with our old computer.

Just picture something like this.


{ via Marvel Movies wiki. }

Then I went back to college and realized I did not have the time or desire to dye my hair every month at school and I missed the blonde me, so I went back to blonde and stayed there for another five years. Last Christmas, I was stir-crazy with my hair. I’m growing it out right now and that takes patience. So we bought a box of brown hair dye and, while we were snowed in on Christmas day, I dyed my hair dark.



I loved it! But it took a little less than a year to realize that the dark was a bit too much for me. I missed the lightness of my blonde hair and I just wanted to feel like me again.

So this happened.





To get me to here.



I’m back in blonde and LOVING it!

Anyway, there’s my journey through hair color. I’m planning on staying blonde for a looong time to get my hair healthy again. It’s a little bit of a relief to not have to worry about dyeing my hair every month, that’s for sure. I am not going to say blondes have more fun because I thoroughly enjoyed being a brunette. But, I will admit, I definitely feel more like me again.


If you made it to the end of an entire blog post about my hair. Congrats. You really should win a prize. Money is tight, so how about an imaginary hug and high-five? I have plenty of those to give away.

  • I love it! Especially wavy/curly like that. You look gorgeous!

  • I have had every color and style in the book. :) Love the new look!

  • Krystina

    You’ve finally convinced me to go back to my natural blonde! It’s pretty much identical to the picture of you with the wavy hair, so I’m so beyond excited. After pouting to my boyfriend, I think I convinced him that it’s in our budget. :P

  • I love it! I love it! I love it! I’m planning to go blonder myself. I just have to prep for an expensive visit to the salon first. I’ve had way too many at-home-color disasters.

  • you look beautiful! i love you both ways!!!

  • haha my hair color and style has changed so much through the years too!!

  • I love it! I haven’t colored my hair since I ended up with “pumpkin” when I was fifteen – and was going for red. I play with haircuts, and wish I was brave enough to try different colors!

  • Thank you so much, Jess! The wavy/curly look is my current favorite. My curling iron and I are falling in love.

  • Good, I’m not the only stir crazy one. Thanks so much, sweet friend! I miss you. Will you be in Orlando at all around Christmas?

  • Ha, yes! It’s definitely pricey, but worth it. It got to a point where my husband was just excited for me to be blonde again, even though he liked the brunette he missed the blonde too.

    The best part? Roots seem to be in right now, might as well take advantage of it. ;) My hair is close to my natural, but my natural is a boring, light ash blond.

    Make sure you bring in pictures of what you want, it helps. Discuss your options with them. The hair stripping costs extra, so see if they’ll just heavily highlight it. Let me know how it goes!

  • Aw yay! Thanks Erin. I know, I know. So tempted to add more highlights, but I cannot touch a box anytime soon. It’s worth the money to have someone do it for you. This was my Christmas present, essentially. It was worth it!

  • Aw, thank you friend! :)

  • It happens, makes life more fun right? ;) P.S. Love how you said that and the blog post underneath your comment is “Changing My Look”.

  • Sorry you had a bad experience, girl! It’s scary! If you ever get brave enough, taking a picture of what you want and going to a pro will hopefully prevent the pumpkin!

  • HIGH FIVE!!! i saw your new twitter profile photo this morning and thought “did she do something light there!?” LOVE IT!

  • High five right back! Thanks beautiful friend! :)