Enjoying the present.

posted on: Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Not as in a Christmas present. But THE present. Right now. Whether it’s a Tuesday afternoon or a Saturday morning.


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Busy weeks can be amazing, with the right attitude. A week ago, I looked ahead to the coming week and felt overwhelmed and stressed. I kept thinking to myself, “Gosh, I can’t wait until Friday evening.” Sure, there were also fun things to do intermixed with necessary evils, but at first, I found it hard to find the good in the stressful days. Each day last week, I forced myself to wake up and think positively. I know it’s a bit cliche and It’s definitely an exercise of the mind, but I promise it’s worth it. Yes, sometimes, we need to feel sadness. I know life is hard and you could be going through something right now and that’s okay. But most days, I feel stressed for no good reason.

No matter what was on my plate last week, I decided to choose to feel joy and happiness.

I chose to have good days. You know what? It happened. Sure, I had a lot to do. Sure, I was stressed out at times and yet, I had a really great week too. I felt so productive once the hard stuff was complete and I felt like I could truly rest on the weekend.

I constantly have to tell myself to not wish away the days, weeks, months just to get passed the hard stuff and get to the “good stuff”. Every experience turns us into who we are, the good and the bad. It’s hard to embrace both, but that could be the thing to turn a stressful week into a great week. You just have to look at it with the right perspective. I’m blessed, I have everything I need, life is good right in this moment.


  • ashley

    Love love love this. It is exactly what I needed!

  • I definitely need this remind amidst finals and papers! Thanks:)

  • It’s so true. As my friend says, ‘Positive things happen to positive people.’. We could always use a reminder of that.
    Also…. I adore Calvin and Hobbes!

  • Love this. I was having a rough day the other day and just decided to be happy and not let outside things control my mood. The rest of my day, and days since, have been fabulous. Love Christines quote, “Positive things happen to positive people”.

  • Aw good, Ashley! I’m so glad it encouraged you today.

  • Oh goodness, I had zero length to my finger nails during finals. Good luck, Jess!

  • Love that quote! Positive attitude reduces stress and that’s just plain good for us. I let too much stress in sometimes, must focus on the positive parts of life.

  • Yes, absolutely! So happy you were able to turn it around and feel better. It’s totally a mind thing and it takes practice, but it’ll get easier. I’m hoping it’ll become a good habit for me!

  • So good and true!! I am such a planner that I often have to remind myself to just be “present.” Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

  • Thank you for leaving me the sweetest comments, friend!