Better sleep, better day.

posted on: Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Remember that office of mine? Well, the last month or two it has been cluttered and our place to stick stuff in when he had no other place for it. My desk also started getting covered in my Bare Minerals powder as I used the desk mainly to get ready. Well, today I got it cleaned and ready for it to actually be used as an office. I just couldn’t work in the living room anymore. I put Nola’s dog bed in here as well and we just moved her crate in here, so she can come hang out with me while I work. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go with everything and it feels pretty darn good!

I think the key to my productivity is sleep. I know, sounds simple enough. I usually get up early, because I feel like I get more done, but then I’m tired and move fairly slowly (and get too comfy on that darn couch). I also seem to get my second wind right around bed time. Well, today I slept in thanks to Nola needing a few walks throughout the night, poor girl. I woke up feeling energized and got right to work. I need to make it a goal of mine to go to bed much earlier. It’s amazing what a good amount of sleep can do. Six-seven hours a night just isn’t cutting it.

So, more sleep and an organized office. Loving this already.

A nice chilly day that calls for a chunky, warm sweater and the She & Him Christmas album doesn’t hurt either. I’m just loving this weather. Hard to believe it’s snowing where I was this passed weekend. I keep hearing that people are seeing snow flurries around Charlotte, but none on my rooftop yet. Hoping they magically appear soon.

  • I love the christmas She & Him album! It’s such a perfect mix of quirky and traditional. It makes me want to curl up into my couch next to the Christmas tree with hot chocolate

  • I came across your blog a while ago, and I really enjoy reading your posts! I finally decided to comment when I saw that 1: I too have Bare Minerals powder on my desk. I use the edge of my bed to do my work, and my desk to get ready. And 2: I love the She and Him Christmas album! Actually my DVR is set to record “New Girl” tonight and I am way too excited about watching it. I am definitely a Zooey fan. Anyway, have fun working at your clean desk!

  • Yay for office organization! I’m working on organizing my sewing area so that I, too, can work more effectively. And I’m listening to A Very She & Him Christmas, too!

  • Oh my gosh, that chair is absolutely beautiful! I love it!!!

  • Girlfriend, the chair and cover are both from Ikea! Super affordable. :)

  • Great soundtrack! Wishing you lots of luck on getting that sewing area organized. It’s so hard to start working on it, but so worth it!