Fact vs. Fiction

posted on: Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Fact: I’m a bit stressed.

Fiction: I should be stressed.

Fact: Big things need to happen in the next month.

Fiction: I’m crazy, it won’t happen, why bother hoping?

Fact: God is working everything out for my good. No matter what that looks like.

Fiction: I shouldn’t trust Him.

Fact: I do.

Things are a bit tight right now. Money is a bit tight. Not that it’s gotten any tighter, but boy do the holidays have a way of making us feel like we just don’t have enough. I know we’re so blessed. We have a roof over our heads, food on our plates and a wonderful puppy who brings us so much joy. But we have debt from moving that we need to pay off. Being the one chasing my dreams by being self-employed, I feel a lot of pressure.

I’m not providing as much as I’d love to provide for my family. I’m hoping for big things in the next month and, most importantly, I’m expectant. I’m not praying to win the lottery, I’m not praying for gifts(I don’t need anything). I’m praying for God to bless my self-employment and show me that I truly am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I’ve always felt that I was, but things just aren’t happening as quickly as I believed they would. So, I’m praying.

I pray these little prayers and rarely do I pray big prayers. I feel almost silly sometimes, asking for big things. Then I remember. Want to know what happened the last time I prayed a big prayer? Our biggest dream, as husband and wife, came true. So, I’m praying big now. I want to encourage you to pray big, for yourselves, as well. God is so much bigger than our dreams. Remember, He is in control of the big and the little.

So pray big!


  • fact: you are beautiful, inside and out.
    fact: you inspire me, and others, daily.
    fact: you are a dream chaser, a mountain mover, a world shaker, and a rock-star friend.
    fact: big things are coming your way next month, and even more so in 2012. [you can call it prophecy, or you can call it a hunch ;) ]
    fact: every little big helps. [this can be applied in every situation, in my opinion.]
    fact: you have no reasons to fear. don’t turn your head from change.
    fact: your journey of self-employment is just beginning.
    fact: i adore you. clearly.

  • have you read sun stand still yet? want to borrow my copy if not?

  • I have not and I would love to!

  • This is one of my most favorite comments ever. I believe your hunch is right. You’re wonderful!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this! I adore you as well. :)

  • i will try to find my copy and get it to you. basically, keep praying big prayers.

  • This is a good reminder to not be afraid to pray big prayers. You are very inspiring Katy, and I will keep praying for you.

  • Jen

    love this fact vs. fiction. it’s so easy to believe the lies. love your story about charlotte!

  • Oh wonderful, Deva! Thank you so, so much. I really appreciate the prayers.

  • SO easy, too easy to believe those darn lies! Glad you liked the Charlotte story. :) God is so good!

  • Nick

    I have no doubt that God has great things planned for you and Adam!