posted on: Monday, November 14, 2011


A few weeks ago, I sent an e-mail to Ashley. I loved her blog and approached her asking for some advice and it led to one amazing opportunity. Ashley responded with the sweetest e-mail including asking me to check out this project she was working on involving self-employed women. It sounded perfect for where I am in life and career. After a few back-and-forth e-mails I was chosen to be one of the contributing writers.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this project!


Follow along with us as we share the ins and outs of being self-employed. I know many of you have expressed interest in hearing my journey in starting my own business. I’m in the very beginning of being self-employed, so I will be documenting it all there. I’ll share the good and the bad and I hope to help give you an honest look into the process. I also hope this project will inspire those of you who dream of one day being self-employed or peak your interest if you’re simply curious about our stories.

I feel so blessed to a part of this and I hope you will enjoy following along with us. So, head on over to RevolutionizeHer. It’s up and running now. YAY!

Also, check out the contributing writers. These ladies are incredible!

Ashley // Megan // Heather // Casey // Liz // Margot // Tricia // Joanna // Ilana // Diana // Aubrey // Jordan // Kristina

  • that’s exciting! have fun–that seems like a great group…it’s always so wonderful to be in a community of like-minded women. can’t wait to read! xo.

  • That is so exciting! It sounds like such a wonderful group and I cannot wait to read your contributions!

  • Wow! You are working with a wonderful group of women! Keep believing and keep being you…all of the dreams you have mentioned on your blog are definitely coming true!

  • how exciting!!! ya for being self-employed :) we will have to check out that site sounds great. nothing beats being around people that support you!

  • So excited to join you on this journey!!!