No pictures.

posted on: Monday, November 7, 2011


Okay, so I’m officially sick. Blech. It was super fun waking up this morning feeling as though I had swallowed knives. Pleasant visual for a Monday, no?

Anyway, I’ll stop whining now. I really hope you all had a lovely weekend! I actually worked a bit and took pictures for an event that was held where Adam works on Friday and Sunday, which was great! But I’m lacking weekend photos, because I apparently took plenty during that.

Saturday was all about Nola. We finally got her back into training since we took time off after getting her spayed. She’s a crazy puppy, that girl, and training is definitely needed. We ate some Chick-fil-a which always makes for a great afternoon(this girl loves a good waffle fry). Then we headed to church where we signed up for small groups and became members. I’m SO happy that we finally found a church home here. Charlotte now feels more like home than ever.

Sunday we headed back to church and well, you know what happened afterward. Bam. Sick. I worked a little last night but all I wanted to do was crawl back into my PJ’s. Which I think I may do right now. Homegirl needs some rest. Hope you all have a great week!

  • Feel better soon!

  • Yuck! Being sick is the worst. I hope you feel better soon! Drink tea, get some rest. And perhaps a good movie marathon? For some reason I always end up watching disney movies when ii’m sick.
    PS I love reading your posts- Nola is adorable!

  • Aw, thank you! Feeling a little bit better. Though I’ll definitely need a movie or two today. :)

  • Thanks, Jess!

  • Being sick is no fun so I hope you make a quick recovery! Finding a church that’s a perfect fit is so great; I hope to find the same when I settle down in a new city.

    Also, I’m a new reader of your blog and think it’s absolutely wonderful :)