Cupcake break.

posted on: Friday, November 4, 2011


Sometimes Adam can’t help but practice his photog skills at random moments. Which leads to goofy poses such as this. Oh and ignore the bright red blanket over Nola’s cage and the cable wire hanging from the ceiling. It’s totally normal.



cupcake  cupcakefinished


Husband had to attend a work function late last night so he headed home to see his girls, before heading right back out again. After greeting the pup for a bit, he suggested a quick trip for cupcakes and coffee. How can a girl say no to that?! Well, she really can’t. It’s an impossibility.

So off we went to our new favorite place, Polka Dot bake shop. The best cupcakes I’ve had from a bakery yet. I enjoyed a creme caramel cupcake and Adam went for German chocolate cake. YUM!

I’m telling you, tons of butter and sugar are the perfect cure to a day mostly away from the husband. Instant giddiness, my friends. Although I still did miss him plenty while he was gone.

Can you believe it’s Friday?! I’m so excited to have another weekend with not much on the agenda. I’m hoping we can sleep in since Nola has been keeping us up at night. It’s crazy how she can be totally fine during the day and then get sick in the middle of the night..multiple times. Never does she get sick during the day, her stomach has impeccable timing. So I was up a few times in the middle of the night walking the cold..while it was raining. Needless to say, I need some sleep this weekend. Hopefully she and her stomach will agree with me. Oh and you’re welcome for keeping this the least TMI as possible. My poor girl!

P.S. I love how torn you all are on the future of my hair color. Not even my mom could decide which one she liked better and she’s my go-to on decisions such as these. We’ll see what happens next year, I’m making myself wait until at least March since I know I can be super impatient. Thank you for the input!

  • Oh my gosh, cupcakes and coffee??!! Can there be anything better?! I love spontaneous moments like that! And yay for sweet husbands like that!! :) xo

  • Cupcakes and coffee cure all. I’m sure of it.

  • Cupcakes and coffee are the best, especially on a chilly, wet night.

  • Not sure there can be much better! :) I agree, spontaneous little mini-dates are the best. Especially on weekdays. Major yay for super sweet husbands!!

  • can i please have one of those cupcakes!! yummy! random pic ops are the best! you look adorable!! :D