Random thoughts on a Thursday.

posted on: Thursday, November 3, 2011


{ Necklace won thanks to a giveaway from Designs by Mandi. }

Just some random thoughts for your Thursday. Maybe I should make this a regular thing. By Thursday my mind’s all but ready for the weekend, so mostly all that’s left in there are little snippets of thoughts in my head. Instead of taking one of those little snippets to blog about, I thought I’d list them for the world to see.

So, are you ready? Hold onto your hats. Okay, not really, it’s not that crazy or dramatic or even that long, really. But I shall warn you, I’m pretty stinkin’ random as my husband often tells me, so just go with me here. Here are six of my random thoughts for today.

1. I’m currently itching to change up my hair again. It happens often, especially when I’m growing my hair long. Write now I’m toying with the idea of growing out my bangs and maybe going back to blond(my natural color) in the summer. Total hair identity crisis right now. AH! Opinions?


2. Very cool thing happened on Sunday once we arrived in Asheville. We were walking through the Biltmore Village(right outside of the Biltmore property), and came upon a man pulling old glass bottles out of the ground. He told us they had found them, that they were probably 50-100 years old, and they were free to anyone who wanted them. Adam and I grabbed a bunch and I can’t wait to clean them up soon. I googled one bottle and it’s apparently rare and worth $30-40!

wpid-DSC_5579-2011-12-3-13-53.jpg wpid-DSC_5580-2011-12-3-13-53.jpg

I love this kind of stuff. Now, I just need to figure out how to soak and clean off decades of dirt! Any ideas?

3. I was nervous to publish yesterday’s post and talk about how I wanted to post some outfit pictures on the blog now. Why? No clue. It’s just madness, I tell you. It doesn’t matter what people say they like, don’t like, what other people are doing, I need to not question my instincts and do what feels right for me and the blog. I truly have wanted to get more creative and find more of my style with pieces I already have and this blog is the perfect place to experiment with that. So, there that is. I know, it’s silly to worry about such things.

wpid-DSC_5649-2011-12-3-13-53.jpg wpid-DSC_5798-2011-12-3-13-53.jpg

4. I’m missing 30 Rock. We watched the entire show for the first time this summer right after we moved, since we got rid of our cable( we just have Netflix streaming and Hulu plus) and I was SO excited to watch it this Fall. But, Tina Fey is off having another little bebe so, I guess she can take some time off.

5. I’m actually feeling inspired to finally organize my closet today. I’m cleaning out items I don’t need and arranging them by color. I’m also arranging them by tops, bottoms, dresses, what I don’t often wear but want to keep. The works. I’m not usually so organized, but my closet was a mess and I needed a little organization in my life. Now, if only I can get motivated to organize our office as well as our kitchen pantry, then we’d be good to go. One thing a time.

6. I’m realizing more and more lately how truly blessed I am and how God is bringing certain people into my life right now that I didn’t even know I needed to have there. Love it and love the community that’s forming around me in this blog world. Check out some of those people on my right side bar. Yep, right there. ———>
Okay, that’s all for now really. Like I said, random.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday! Can you believe tomorrow is Friday already?! Woohoo! What a fast week this has been.

  • I totally think you should go back to blonde. As a lifelong auburn/brunette-head, I would love to go blonde… but it doesn’t work on me!

    And you are amazingly blessed! God has been putting great people into my life lately (you included) and I am loving it – sometimes it can be overwhelming but I know it’s part of His plan for me!

  • I assumed you were a natural brunette. I love both looks on you, for different reasons and seasons. But I think the blonde would be really nice for summertime. Warm and golden and beachy! :)

    I’ve been thinking about changing my hair up for the Fall/Winter. Although, I’m waiting until I’m done nursing (dyeing your hair while nursing is a no-no). That won’t be until at least January though. By that time, I should probably be thinking about Spring…

  • Hmm vote 1 for blond! Noted. :) Love to hear that, Deva! He’s definitely working in your life and I love seeing that. It can be overwhelming, but in the best way. :)

  • Nope, I’m a natural blond! :) I’m keeping this color until at least spring comes around. I have to give myself a certain amount of time to wait before I color it, or else I’d do it tomorrow. I’m so impatient!

  • I’m voting for the darker color. I think it looks best on you!

  • I agree with not worrying about what other people think! You’re adorable and I think you should keep up the outfit posts ;)

    And for hair, I say you look like a natural brunette. That would be my vote. The brown is striking. But honestly, you seem to be one of those who can totally pull off both!

  • I love the dark hair on you. You look gorgeous!

  • Ashleyhh

    I love you blonde. I am always jealous of your blonde hair. Just saying.

  • i vote for the dark! i think it’s much sassier and very flattering. :)

  • I totally understand everyones indecisiveness- it’s because you look great both ways! I love your hair dark, especially when you did the ‘how to curl it’ post, but love that pic of you blonde. I’d say wait until spring. Dark always seems best for winter.

  • I think you look darling brunette, but I’ve always loved you blonde. It just looks more natural on you, and you pull it off so well!

    I’m trying to grow out my hair + bangs and go lighter. Right now my roots are atrocious and I’m in an awkward hair phase. I’m not a fan. :(

  • Beth

    Your random thoughts make me happy. I do love the blonde/side swept bangs look on you. And I totally miss 30 Rock too. It’s the show I watch with lunch whenever I’m home!

  • Aww, thank you Kylee! You’re so sweet. I appreciate the encouragement. :) I will definitely keep them going!

  • Aw, thank you Christie! That’s what I plan on doing. I like the warmth for winter, but we’ll see how I feel in the Spring. :)

  • Thank you so much, Krystina!

    Oh noo! I hate awkward hair phases. Headbands will help with the bangs!

  • Aw, yay for happy random thoughts. Sometimes I just feel way to all over the place. ;) I love it, we’ve started watching through the show again. Can’t wait for it to come back!

  • AWWW LOVE YOU!! Love that you are finding commmunity! So happy to have met you!!
    Blogging has changed my life for this exact reason!!

  • I can’t help either. Sorry! It must be frustrating when mom can’t even help. I call my mom for everything! haha

  • Love the dark hair! SO cute! You are beautiful either way, ma’am!