posted on: Tuesday, November 1, 2011



I hope you had a wonderful Halloween, no matter how you celebrated. It’s our first time living in a real neighborhood, since we’ve been married and I had visions of tons of kids walking around in cute costumes coming to collect candy. We had a little set-up outside for the occasion and brough out our grill, chairs and our pumpkin.


We had three. They got generous helpings of candy, but we still have plenty more. Luckily, we had fun just hanging out, playing with the pup-kin, and taking pictures.






I made sure to bundle up, it was pretty chilly out last night!

DSC_5797  DSC_5795

{ I love layers. }

DSC_5796  DSC_5802

My costume? Ummm…warm. I represented warmth and comfiness. Yep, that was me. Only kidding. We didn’t really dress up this year, although we did dress-up as Ross & Rachel for a party the other night. I wore a mustache and Adam wore cat whiskers with “Ross” on his forehead. Remember the Vegas episode? That’s what we were going for. It’s my favorite show and I was lucky that Adam is such a good sport and doesn’t mind being goofy with me.

I must say, I loved Nola’s costume much more than ours!




We weren’t going to get her a costume, but they were 75% off at PetSmart yesterday. I can handle a $5 costume and I could not resist buying her that when I put it on her. Too cute!

When I was a kid, my first costume was a pumpkin. I thought I’d pass that tradition along, especially since we didn’t carve one this year. Sad. But, I must say, she’s definitely my favorite pumpkin ever!

  • Your doggie looks so cute as a pumpkin! I love it!

  • Such an adorable pumpkin! We live in an apartment complex with LOTS of kids, so you would think we’d get a lot of trick-or-treaters, but we don’t. We think the kids in our complex go to the surrounding neighborhoods! We didn’t buy candy this year with that in mind, because we didn’t give out that much candy in years past and end up throwing out a lot (surprisingly, it is possible to get tired of kit-kat bars)..

  • Nola is getting so big!

  • Aw thank you! The cuteness was pretty overwhelming. ;)

  • Sad! Yes, I need to hide our candy. It’s a becoming a bad habit to grab a piece every hour or so.

  • We had about 300 trick-or-treaters…and the baby in the ladybug costume did nothing to help my “crazy for babies” attitude. :) I wanted to trade our halloween candy for her.

  • 300?!!?! :( I knew all the kids would head to Dilworth. Too many nice neighborhoods to trick-or-treat in, I guess. Bummed me out SO much! I hope wherever we buy a house, their are tons of kids. It was a huge let down for me, BUT I’m glad you had a good showing at your new place! :) I was so hoping to see some super cute babies too!

  • I’m your newest follower!

    Your blog is beatiful (I found you with followers fest)!

    I have a little Christmas series on my blog that just started today, you should take a looksey!


  • Nola’s costume is so adorable! I used to love trick or treating as a kid (always dressed up as a fairy or a witch, so original huh!), but I think now it’s kind of dying in NZ, there are lots of people that don’t really like the idea :( which I think is a shame, really. It’s just a bit of fun and a good excuse to eat lots of sweets! :)

  • Stacie! Yayy! So excited to have you as a follower. Welcome!! I love Christmas, so I’m heading over right now to check out your new series! Thank you for reading and for your sweet words. :)

  • Thank you! I loved it too and as I got older, loved handing out treats more. That’s sad that NZ seems to be slowing down with trick-or-treating. Hopefully it picks back up soon! If all else fails, buy your self tons of candy and enjoy! We have so much leftover. ;)

  • LOVE that you guys went to a party as Ross & Rachel! I am a bit Friends obsessed, so definitely know the episode you’re talking about. I have definitely contemplated being Monica before, but have yet to pull the trigger.

  • Your pup is sooo cute! I wanna kiss her :)
    Your Halloween sounds very similar to ours… we got 3, too!
    Oh well, more candy for me :) xooxo

  • Beth

    LOVE the Ross and Rachel idea!!! Could you guys BE any cuter?!? :-)