A few more reasons to love North Carolina.

posted on: Monday, October 31, 2011


This weekend was so much fun and so busy! It flew by. Why do weekends always fly by? What the heck weekend, slow yourself down and hang out for a while. You know, like, for about a month at a time? Oh wait, I’m mistaking for your cousin, the vacation. Bummer.

Moving along..

I feel like I have tons and tons of photos to share with you all that I’m not even sure where to start. Usually I would have blogged on the weekend, but I needed to disconnect for a bit.

But I missed the blog, so hello there! Long time no chat. If you don’t mind, I’d love to tell you about my weekend.

Saturday was one of those “I can’t believe we get to live here” kind of days here in Charlotte. It involved cold weather, a street festival, free museum entries and a food truck.


{ French dip from the Herban Legend food truck. YUM! }




{ The Mint Museum. }


Hello peace sign man. He certainly liked that I was taking pictures of them. He wished me peace as I drove by. Well, based on the fact that he followed our car with the peace sign. Thank you, peace man, I wish you the same.


{ Occupy Charlotte. }

The next day we boarded Nola, so she wouldn’t be stuck in her crate all day and headed off to Asheville! We had a main destination, one of my favorite places, The Biltmore. We went for the first time last Christmas and loved it so much that we bought annual passes to be able to see it every season.

We had to go this weekend to get some pictures of the last little bit of color on the trees. My mom and sister met up with us there which was wonderful, I loved getting to spend time with them. We did a wine tasting, snacked on some delicious appetizers and walked through the house when it was almost empty at the end of the day. I can’t get over the history of it all. Call me a nerd, it just fascinates me to no end.

So did the colors!











Weekend verdict? Amazing. Can’t wait until Friday at 5 P.M. but no worries, I’m not wishing away the next few days. I have a feeling this week will be wonderful as well.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and I wish you all a great week!

  • Is this your first “fall” like weather??

  • We went to a wedding not too far from The Biltmore almost 13 years ago. I can still feel the awe that I felt as I stepped foot on that property. It is absolutely stunning. You’re so lucky you are all close enough to enjoy it enough to buy passes! ENJOY!

  • Pretty much. Let’s just say I squealed on our way out of town yesterday morning as I saw frost on roofs and the grass. I loove it!!

  • Looks and sounds like such a beautiful weekend! It is wonderful to live in a place with seasons, seems like you are loving it :) In New Zealand it is Spring at the moment! I think Spring is my favourite season…though its rainy and grey today. Can’t win them all!

  • It is definitely stunning! We’re so blessed to be here. You should visit the Biltmore again soon, it’s just as amazing the second time. :)

  • I’m glad we’re both in our favorite seasons! I hope the rain clears up very soon for you and you can enjoy all the beautiful colors and warmer weather. :) I bet it’s gorgeous!

  • I have been loving the fall colors and the weather. A few weeks ago I was holding onto summer and now I am ready for fall and long sleeves.

  • Your photos are always so beautiful. I actually got married the Mint Museum (the one off Randolph Road), and we had our reception there as well.

  • The mountains are really lovely!!! :)

  • Love your Biltmore photos!!

  • I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be in the fall then North Carolina. You have some really lovely pictures of all the fall foliage. Is it still called leaf peeping if you actually live there and get to seem all the time?

    It’s great that you love your new home so much. Such an awesome feeling when you move and just KNOW that you are right where you should be. Have fun exploring!

  • Ooooh, I love street festivals and Fall weekends! So glad you had a great time. Great pictures, too, and thanks for sharing with all of us. :)

  • absolutely beautiful.

  • Okay, so seriously, I think we’re long lost friends….
    The whole FL thing in common and now this… my old boss (who was from Orlando) would go to Asheville once a year just to get away… even went there this past New Year’s Eve she loves it soooo much! I’ve been hearing such fabulous things about it that I really do think that Joshua & I will have to do a trip there soon!
    Love these pics, absolutely beautiful!!!