It’s the weekend and we’re going all out..

posted on: Friday, October 28, 2011

Let me preface this by saying that we usually eat relatively healthy meals.


But there’s something about it being Friday night, about it being the weekend before Halloween and about it being the coldest night of Fall yet.

We’re excited and we’re going BIG!

Don’t worry, we have salad to go with our bagel bites. It just doesn’t look as fun as all these treats.


Yes, we brought Nola into this too.


My husband was in rare form tonight.

Oh and I can’t forget the most important thing..


The best Halloween stash ever, those are Starburst with ONLY red and pink colors. Yes, indeedy. Although we may need to buy another bag..someone has been reaching for some here and there. Wanna know who? It was Nola..yep, all Nola. What a sneaky little pup.

Happy last weekend in October, friends!

  • I had no idea they even made those starbursts- awesome. We also have a tub of that pumpkin ice cream in our freezer. Stopping by from follower fest.

  • I love you for this! Haha. Also, share the Starbursts? :D

  • I am so thankful to you for telling me about the starbursts! We just went threw a pack and I was throwing yellows and reds into the bowl haha. And we give my sisters dog those frosty paws all the time, he’s obsessed:)

  • ummm yum!! can i come over?? ;)

  • Hey Mallory! Thank you so much for stopping by. :) The pumpkin ice cream is a must, isn’t it?! We accidentally got those Starburst from Target, although it was a happy accident. We thought we were the luckiest people on Earth since we kept getting only reds and pinks. Either way, we’ll take it! ;)

  • Haha, of course! I’m not a sweets hog, I share the love. ;)

  • I got the Starburst at Target, so keep an eye out for the pack. It’s got a few different reds and pink. :)

  • Yes, we’ll throw a party where all we do is eat ice cream, candy, and bagel bites. Done!!

  • I’m pretty sure I just wrote down bagel bites down on our grocery list :)


  • That looks like the best dinner EVER. We eat mostly healthy dinners, but every once in a while, I like going crazy – grilled cheese with bacon is one of my fav meals.

  • Jen

    They make dog ice cream?! Why have I never seen this? Must get for Nati asap :)

  • Hi there! I found you via the followers fest! You’ve got a great blog! I love the pictures of you in the corn maze enjoying the fall. :-)


  • Do it! I forgot about those for a while and they are delish!

  • Oh yum! Anything with bacon is amazing. :) Great choice!

  • Yes! We got this from Food Lion. It’s in with the regular ice creams. :)

  • Thank you! Glad you found me. :)