Never give up.

posted on: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lately, I’ve been talking about all the dreams I have in my head and my heart. Lots of crazy, risky, fun, amazing dreams(and there’s plenty more I have yet to share). I’ve always been a dreamer, my entire life.


“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.” -T. E. Lawrence

Have you ever read an interview with a celebrity, where someone who wants to be in their shoes asks for advice and the celebrity always seems to answer, “Never give up”? They always say that, don’t they? Honestly, that used to frustrate me a little. Never give up and it’ll happen? It’s that easy? It seemed like the cookie-cutter answer that every famous actor, dancer, musician fed to the reporter to get to the next question.

But in actuality, they’re exactly right. That’s the answer.

Why do some dreams fade away? Because we QUIT. We give up on our dreams. We do! I’ve had tons of crazy and wild dreams. A few that still hover at times, but others that I’ve quit. I have taken every kind of dance class, gymnastics, tennis, ice skating, horseback riding, I’ve tried it all. I’ve also quit each of those very easily. I know full well that some dreams aren’t meant to be chased, but I think it says something if certain ones leave and return throughout your life.

Maybe God is trying to tell you something.

So why am I not a famous actress, singer, dancer, figure skater, or a super successful _____. Because I quit those dreams. Some of them became daydreams that floated away, because they weren’t right for me. God actually put me through experiences of seeing fame up close and personal and I knew it wasn’t the kind of life I wanted. I needed to get over that starry-eyed-over-celebrity phase and God did just that for me. He’ll do things like that, put you through experiences that help you clearly see what your dreams really are.

I have so many other, bigger dreams. Will I quit those? I don’t want to. I want to pursue them. Some may fall away if they aren’t the right ones, but there will be a few that constantly return to your heart. Go for them, write them down, tell your family and friends, make them public. It’s easy to give up on what you want for yourself when you’re the only one who knows your goals. Pray about them, write down steps to get from A to Z, like a little road map to your dreams.

Since making dreams public helps you reach them, here are some of mine: Become a mother, start writing songs again, learn piano & guitar, perform at local coffee houses, pursue my freelance social media career, become a photographer, and have my own creative side business.

As I pursue those dreams of mine, I’ll hold tight to the best piece of advice I ever never give up on them!


  • This is awesome. I am very much so a dreamer.. I always have something going on that I want to do and accomplish BUT i usually do quit.. This was an awesome post! Thank you so much!!

  • Dear Katy,

    I LOVE this post.

    The end.

  • Dear Becky,

    Thank you so very, very much! Glad you love it.

    The end. ;)

  • So do I! I feel you girl! I hope you chase after them with reckless abandon. :)

  • So in line with my dreamer-heart! Thanks for sharing Katy.

  • I’m right there with you! Sewing and having my own shop was one thing that would come back to me time and time again. Every now and then I would start, things would get overwhelming and then I’d opt for easy street. But I feel like the things you end up being the most satisfied with, and happiest about, are the things that you put your heart and soul into. Sometimes the start-up is slow and (I hate to say it) painful but I think through perseverance you allow great things (and people) to enter your life. And you grow as a person. What could be better?

  • Absolutely love this! It’s so true. The scarier or more difficult the obstacles, the greater the reward when you succeed and the more you grow. :)

  • You’re a fantastic writer, Katy.

    I want to start doing these Tuesday posts. Can anyone join in?

  • Never give up, Katy! You’ve got lots of readers you can lean on for support! We’ll all be there to help you reach those dreams!

  • How did I miss this comment?! YES! Anyone can join in on this series. Click on the button and make sure you add your link every week to the list! :)