Baby shower for Jen.

posted on: Monday, October 24, 2011







Saturday afternoon, I drove over to South Carolina* to celebrate Jen and her baby boy! After following her story and becoming real-life friends once I moved to Charlotte, I was more than excited to be celebrating her little babe. The baby shower was hosted by Caitlin, who threw an “IronBaby” themed shower, which was perfect since Jen is a triathlete and a runner. I provided some orzo salad with arugula, cherries and toasted almonds and nibbled on good food and chocolate goodies. We also wrote little messages all over some newborn-sized diapers for those late nights when Jen needs a little laugh, such a cute idea! It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and I’m so happy I was able to celebrate with her. Jen is such a great friend and so sweet, I just know she will make such a wonderful mother. Yay for baby boy!

*I like to make driving to South Carolina sound super dramatic, but I live really close to SC. I’m from SOUTH Florida. As in, just a few hours from the southernmost tip of the country, South Florida. It may sound silly, but it blows my mind that I can be in another state in under thirty minutes. It’s a constant joke between me and Adam.

  • Ha! I grew up in Cincinnati and could actually get to THREE states within a half hour! (Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky)

  • I don’t understand!!! ;) Okay, okay I promise I do. But it still blows my mind.

  • Your photos are looking SO good my dear! Plus that salad you made looks incredible. :) I miss you!

  • Jen

    Yay! I’m so glad you were there. I LOVED your orzo salad. Jeff saw pictures of it and asked me to make it haha! :)

  • I’ll be posting the recipe soon. :) I took a few different recipes and made one that was much more wallet-friendly! The simpler the better with pasta salads, I say! I so should have left you some, we have wayyyy too many leftovers!

  • Ahh, thank you friend! It’s delicious, I’m going to post the recipe later today. :)

  • I thought I saw you in Caitlin’s pictures! That salad looks fabulous, and so does your blouse! Love.

  • What a fun baby shower. Love the original theme. Good friends are the best! Your salad looks amazing by the way. I am going to mark your recipe down for the future. Thanks!