Lovely day for a hike.

posted on: Wednesday, October 19, 2011

photo 5-6

On Sunday afternoon we were still in the mountains and after going to church and enjoying some lunch, we headed right home for our main event of the day. We laced up our hiking boots and headed out to hike my mom and step-dad’s property. I’ve been up some of it, but it had been over a year and I had yet to see the whole thing. Adam hadn’t hiked it at all, so it was a must before winter(and tons of snow) came through. It’s a very large piece of land and took just about two hours to hike.

photo 5-2

{ Lily, Nola and Trek. }

My mom’s friend, Shannon, came and brought her two golden retrievers. Lily, who’s a three-year-old beauty and Trek(who is actually Nola’s brother and the same age, although almost twice her size). Yep, we had three golden retrievers in tow! This was Nola’s first hike and while she couldn’t keep from pulling(which worked much better going up than going me) she was so fun to have along and we now know we can handle bringing her on more hikes. She loved it! She’s much more of a mountain girl than a water girl.

photo 1-3

They live on a Christmas tree farm and the top of their property leads to another Christmas tree farm! Let’s just say, it smells amazing in these mountains.

photo 2-6

{ Lily and our view from the top. }

photo 1-5

{ Adam and I. You can totally ignore the super cute jacket around my waist. The 60’s feel a lot warmer during a crazy hike! }

photo 4-7

photo 3-7

{ My mom, Nola and Adam. }

photo 3-6

{ This view will never get old. }

photo 2-7

{ With my step-dad Dave and Nola-bear. }

photo 4-4

{ The kids were wiped out once we got to the top. }

I had such a great time hiking. I was exhausted, that’s for sure, but I can’t wait to go on more hikes! This was one of the main activities I was looking forward to when we moved to North Carolina. I can hardly believe we were out for almost two hours, it seriously flew by! I was too focused on not stepping into a hole, not slipping down the steep sides and making sure Nola didn’t trip anyone up because that’s apparently one of her favorite activities.

All-in-all a great afternoon to be outside. We had a wonderful time!

photo 3-3

I think she did too!

{ Yes, the one to her left is her brother. Isn’t he big?! }

  • I love Nola and your little family :)

  • Aww, we love you! :)

  • I love the view of the path between the Christmas trees! What I would do to be there smelling the fresh pine and autumn air…

  • I love all the photos of Nola, you, and Adam. So sweet :-). The 60s DO feel warm once you get moving.

  • Such pretty pictures! Love the hills. Looks like a wonderful time. :]

  • This weekend in NC was crazy beautiful! I went apple picking in Flat Rock with my momma and I was sweating haha!

  • It was glooorious! Seriously, wonderful! They don’t really smell in the warmth, but the cool air has brought out the pine smell. It’s awesome!

  • Aww, thank you! Yes, they definitely do! :)

  • Thank you! Funnily enough, my husband and I are “The Hill’s”. ; ) It was a very wonderful time.

  • It was gorgeous!! I was about two hours away from Flat Rock. It was the perfect Fall weekend in North Carolina! So glad we headed up there. :)

  • We love the Christmas tree farms in North Carolina. We have visited several since my husband and I have been married and strapped at least one per season on the roof of our car and made the trek back to MD.
    Gotta tell you though…the Goldens made these pictures even more special. I love when I get to see dog siblings/friends hanging out!

  • How beautiful! I want to go on a hike so badly.

  • New follower here.. love the blog.. I am in need of a good hike.. Great pics!!!!!


  • It’s so much fun because we’ve already picked our tree! Thanksgiving is going to be up in the mountains, so we’re going to cut it down and take Christmas card pictures then. :) I’m so excited! So much more festive than picking our tree up at Home Depot like we did in Florida!

    I love how it worked out that way, that we have the siblings. Trek was actually almost ours! :) I love our girl, though!

  • Thank you so much, JeNeal! Those were with our phones since there was no way I would have been able to get my camera up there. Maybe if I find a very protective backpack. I’m glad they came out nicely! By the way, love your Halloween wreath! thank you for your sweet comment!