posted on: Monday, October 17, 2011

Check out this view.


I’m sure some people wonder why I can’t stop talking about Fall and cold weather. Most of the country gets to experience the changing of seasons. But for us? This is our first year of consistently cool weather, leaves changing, seasons turning over, can-truly-enjoy-some-hot-apple-cider time.

I can’t believe we live here in North Carolina. It’s still very surreal.


We just moved here in June and I’m still in awe with everything. It may seem silly, but I am truly amazed.

I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale. We had beaches, we had sun, and we had hurricanes. One thing we didn’t have was four seasons. We had mostly hot days and a few days of cooler weather every once in a while. Orlando would get pretty cold, but not until mid-January/February and for only a month or two. I remember going to Target for mittens when it finally got pretty cold, but by then they were already selling summer items.

I couldn’t have fathomed sitting in front of a fire, bundled up in October.



But we did! In the mountains. It’s still not quite cool enough in Charlotte, but we’ll start getting there this week.

I hope it gets as colorful here as it does a couple hours North. I just love it!







Fall just makes my heart happy.

  • Beautiful pictures! I love the fall!

  • Just gorgeous! I couldn’t agree more. Fall makes me ridiculously giddy.

  • You know what’s weird? This is my first autumn in Orlando, and even though I love it here, I feel like something is missing. After experiencing New England autumns, being down here is just not the same. I can’t pick apples, drink hot apple cider, or experience fall foliage. It’s just…different.

  • jen

    so beautiful. i have lived in texas my whole life with the exception of living in jacksonville, fl for a year while my husband and i were engaged…so obviously my life has never included seasons either. we are just excited b/c even though today is supposed to be 93 degrees, tomorrow a “cold front” is coming and temps will be in the high 70s. woo-hoo :)

  • Yes yes yes to everything in this post!

  • Fall is my absolute favorite seasonal change. I’m so glad that you’re getting to experience it right now! And in North Carolina? Swoon! My husband and I vacation in the Outer Banks whenever we’re able. It’s always been in the summer though. I’d like to see it sometime in Autumn. Enjoy the chill of the air and partake in some hot apple cider! :)

  • Thank you! Meee too! Well, you know that by now! ;)

  • Yes, yes, yes! So giddy. Any fun Fall things near/around Charlotte you could recommend we check out this season?

  • I know :( I know there’s a place where you can tour a corn maze. I could find out what it was for you, if you’d like! It’s also hard when you go to get your pumpkin and it’s HOT! How do you like it in Orlando, besides the non-seasons?

  • Oh my gosh, girl! I FEEL you on that one! Does it get fairly cold in Texas in the winter or is it similar to Florida? I’m guessing it depends on where in Texas you are.

  • YES! ;)

  • Jill! I just checked out your blog the other day– adorable! You’re in Jersey? Does it get gorgeous there in the Fall? I loved going to NY and going to the North Fork wineries in the Fall. So festive and beautiful!! I can’t wait to have my first hot cider of the season. Hopefully when we go to the pumpkin patch to pick our first pumpkin! :)

  • jen

    um, not really any older than it dose in florida. in north texas (like dallas/ft. worth and north) it does get colder than it does in central/south texas. we live in austin and the weather is pretty much always on track with florida’s it seems.

  • Adam

    Look at that fire! Great pic :)

  • Yes! We recently went to Hendersonville, NC and stayed at a bed & breakfast called Waverly Inn. It was the most adorable town with lots of coffee shops and art galleries. The fall weather made for the perfect little stroll down the main street. There’s an orchard in that town called Stepp’s. We’ve gone two years in a row now and love it. You can pick your own apples, get pumpkins, and buy cider, jam, apple butter, pumpkin butter, and some other fun fall things. Another beautiful little town is Saluda, NC. It is tucked away in the mountains and the town just screams “fall” to me. If you go there, you must eat at The Purple Onion. Asheville and the Blue Ridge Parkway have my heart too. Oh and we just went camping this past weekend at Lake Norman State Park. It was gorgeous! If you’re looking for something local, there is a fall festival at the Greenway in Fort Mill all this month. Can you tell that I love fall? :)

  • I am in Jersey! And it does get pretty here in the Fall. As long as you’re in an area where there’s lots of trees, which I am. There’s a lot of Fall inspired festivals and fairs in this area, too. I love going to them. We just went to a Cranberry Festival this Saturday. I’m hoping to have pictures on my blog by tomorrow. ;)

    Have fun picking your first pumpkin! :)

  • Fall is my favorite. I love to hear the crunch of leaves under my step, to see the kids jumping in huge piles, to see the colors that soothe me the most and to taste a hot pumpkin chai latte! Enjoy your first real Fall!

  • Fall is my favorite season. I love hot cider – especially with powdered chai mixed in – so delicious. I’m sipping cold cider right now, so good – it tastes like fall.

  • Wow, I am insanely jealous. I have a bit of yellow up in the mountains, but otherwise it’s brown and still green…pine needles of course.

  • I’d love to go through a corn maize. :) I picked up a few pumpkins these older gentlemen were selling in a random lot of land by UCF, but it left little to be desired. I LOVE Orlando, though, and I’m totally happy to finally be here.

  • What beautiful pictures! Fall in N.C. is very beautiful, I must say. I am glad I live here to be able to enjoy the changing leaves :)

  • Thank you, hubby. :)

  • Oh my gosh, love that! I was just in the yard, walking Nola, looking at all the leaves on the ground. Love it! On my agenda for the season is jumping into a pile of leaves. :)

  • YUM! Sounds amazing. :)

  • I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Hopefully you can enjoy the color through my pictures. :) Will you get any color where you are?

  • It is very beautiful! I feel so appreciative to be able to see it. Makes me even happier to be here!

  • Those trees are GORGEOUS!! I had a chance to get stationed in North Carolina, but chose Florida instead. So I know what you mean about the heat and the hurricanes! I still wish I had at least gotten to see North Carolina while I was over there, though…

  • Being from the UK we do experience seasons however they are normally not that great. Such as we’re lucky to get good sun when it’s summer or a great snowy winter. My fiance lived in Hawaii the past 5 years and so is sick of the sun. She’s currently living in South Carolina before moving to the Uk and I’m out here visiting her. Her favourite season is the fall and she is most definitely making me see it in a new light. It is beautiful!! I think us Britsh moan too much about the cold weather to stop to take in the beauty ;)

    M x