Just a beautiful Fall weekend.

posted on: Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just a quick check-in from my weekend….hello!

Today we headed North to the mountains and I couldn’t wait to share a few pictures with you all.





We came up the mountains to catch a glimpse of the Fall foliage before the leaves dropped off(as many of them already had).

Everyone else seemed to have the same idea as well, it’s just the perfect Fall weekend!


Looking forward to another gorgeous day tomorrow.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  • Fall is so beautiful :)

  • Gorgeous! I love fall.

  • So gorgeous! So many of the leaves have dropped here, too. I am hoping we can see some foliage while out and about tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend!

  • So gorgeous! That is exactly how the trees look up here, except it won’t stop raining!! I would love to enjoy a beautiful weekend like that! So jealous!

  • So jealous of your gorgeous fall colors!! Don’t get much (ok… any) of that in Houston :)