Lessons in the littlest.

posted on: Friday, October 7, 2011


Nola is having surgery today. It’s very routine, she’s just getting spayed. But I’ve been so concerned and nervous. What if she doesn’t react well to the anesthesia? What if she has something wrong with her that’ll rear it’s ugly head when she goes under? All pretty silly things considering she’s a dog and it’s very rare that anything could happen(can you imagine me with kids if I keep this up?). I fear.

How am I going to feel all day? Will this nervousness go away? Will 9 hours seem like 100? I worry.


I’ve only had this dog for about four months and already cannot imagine anything happening to her. I know this is over the top for a puppy, but she’s like a family member. She is a family member. We’ve already lost two family pets this year. Granted they were old, but I can’t even begin to imagine losing another.

Then, it hit me. I’m supposed to trust. Trust God. Trust that He is in control over every situation, no matter what happens and the relief fills my soul. The stress releases from my chest. I’m free to trust Him and with that, I feel peace. It doesn’t always happen quickly. This took me over a week to feel, but I’m feeling it.


I find these lessons sometimes in the littlest of circumstances. This week I’ve felt so off and weepy. So anxious and overwhelmed. I have a call tomorrow for a potential social media client and I’m just plain nervous! I feel inadequate and complete underestimate myself. Sometimes I fear people too much. I have NO reason to fear.

I just need to give it up because I’m loved, safe, fed, healthy. I really have no reason to feel any of these things I’ve felt.

I have what I need and more. More than I deserve. I am learning to truly appreciate every thing I have. I’m thankful for these lessons in the littlest moments of our day. They are necessary and feed our souls. They help us grow. For that, I am thankful.

Today will be a great day. Believe it.

  • Stephanie

    It’s completely normal to worry. I’m a little over-the-top with my cat, mostly because he’s insane, and I worry about him managing to set the apartment on fire. And then October rolls around, and I get just a little more worried because he’s black. I feel the same way about him as you do about Nola. =)

  • the only pets i’ve ever owned were hamsters and birds so when i adopted a puppy it was definitely new territory. and when i took her to get spayed? forget about it. i was an emotional mess. she was also a rescue so i was so worried that she was going to think i was abandoning her and hurting her. but 3 weeks later and she is one happy puppy. just think of being able to take her to the puppy park and all of the benefits of spaying.
    it will be ok!

  • Thank you Natalia! Luckily, Nola loves every single person she meets so it was no surprise, when Adam dropped her off, that she just wanted to play with all of the nurses. :) That gave me a lot of comfort. I am going to pick her up later today by myself. How was your pup when you picked her up from surgery? Was she drunk on her feet from anesthesia? I’m a little nervous about lifting her into the car and such.

  • It is totally okay to worry! The day our cat went for his neuter (the others came spayed and neutered), i was a nervous wreck! He was fine, though, he did have some nausea from the anesthesia. We got him some anti-nausea meds and he was back to normal in no time. He was VERY snuggly right after. The Boy was the one to pick him up and said he slept on the couch right next to him the whole afternoon, and then when I got home that night, just wanted to lay in my lap. :hug:

  • Katy, You have all the feelings that you should have. Our dog, Jamaica, is 12 years old and since her very first appointment I get anxious every time we take her to the vet because I know she gets anxious. I’ve tried all the tricks to make going to the vet not be such a negative thing but Jamaica would rather be lounging on her ottoman, running around in the backyard, or playing with her toys. She knows she is going to get shots, be poked at and/or her teeth cleaned. I know I get anxious about those same things too. Just know that she knows you love her just as unconditionally as she loves you and make sure you have plenty of snuggle time when she gets home <3

  • surprisingly, sandy wasn’t nauseous at all. she didn’t eat much in the first couple of days, but that’s normal. and she’s actually pretty terrified of leashes so i have to carry her everywhere. my concern was whether i’d be able to pick her up and they said it would be fine. she was fine.

  • Oh good! A bit of a relief to know I’m not alone. :) Our animals are blessed to be so loved, aren’t they?

  • Oh, good to know! Thank you so much for your help. :)

  • Awww, I’m hoping she’s extra snuggly! Normally she’s too busy playing to snuggle unless she’s super tired or not feeling good. I’m going to spoil her with love when I get her home. Poor girl!

  • Thank you so much, Kristen. I really appreciate the encouragement. Nola loves everybody, Adam told me she just wanted to play with the nurses when she got there. I know she’ll grow out of that, but it helped this time around. I just cannot wait to get that girl home and snuggle the heck out of her. She’s going to be super spoiled with love this weekend. I just hope she doesn’t need the cone!