A little more me.

posted on: Thursday, October 6, 2011


I’ve been feeling in a slump lately. Just all-around blah! About many things, really. Things that don’t matter and really don’t deserve my negative energy. I need and want to focus on the good in my life. To put more positivity back into my life. I’m a naturally positive person, but I have my days that take more work to pull a smile out of.

Why? Why am I devoting my time to negative feelings/thoughts/anxieties? I’ve dealt with anxiety a lot growing up, mainly social anxiety, and sometimes I feel it’s ugly head starting to show itself. It’s gotten so much better over the years but, like I said, I still have my days. I’ll get more into that at another time, but I wanted to share just a bit of how I’ve been feeling lately.

Why am I sharing this stuff? Well, I’ve found inspiration lately from other blogs to really start being more real and sharing the good with the bad. I want my blog to be a place of light and positivity, but I can’t truly feel and appreciate the blessings in my life without acknowledging the challenges I have faced and do face. So, I’m going to start adding in a little more “me” and more personal stories. If just one person can relate to my stories and find encouragement in them, then it’s totally worth it. I already shared my desire to write more day-to-day, so this is just an extension of that.


Don’t worry, their will also be plenty of happy little moments and adventures that I’ll document here. Because those moments are very real as well. When I stop and blog about the little moments, it makes me really appreciate them. I just want this blog to really grow with me. I hope to get this blog evolving into what it’s meant to be. My story. I hope it blesses you the same way you reading has truly blessed me.


  • “I can’t truly feel and appreciate the blessings in my life without acknowledging the challenges I have faced and do face.”

    You said it perfectly. I’ve been in a similar gloomy state this week (maybe the blahs are making their rounds?) and have done my best to start each day anew. But sometimes that’s just not enough. And when that happens, I take it as a sign that I need to focus inward. Do what makes ME feel happy. It’s important to acknowledge these times, because like you said, it makes the sweeter moments that much more sweet. I hope you start to feel like yourself soon, but until then, do what makes you smile :)

  • I guess they are making their rounds! What is up with that? It’s true. Sometimes the right decision is what’s best for you, not what other people think. I’ve had to learn that the hard way in the last few years as well. I will find those happy little things today to make my day a little brighter. Thanks for the encouragement Katharine. I hope your gloomy days leave you very soon!

  • Sorry to hear you have been feeling blah lately; I get that way to from time to time too. I am excited to see more “you” posts. I love learning more about the blogger behind the blog, and love being able to relate to other blogger’s stories. I think it’s important to talk about the bad along with the good. I know when I write about and process struggles from my past or present, I can more fully appreciate the present.

  • Jen

    Aww Katy! I’m so sorry to hear you’re having a tough time. I’ve dealt with a lot of anxiety issues, too. We need to get together! Are you free for lunch or dinner next week?

  • I just decided to start doing this, myself. Blogging about “me” and not just “healthy living.” It has been so freeing – like this is what I was supposed to be doing the whole time.

  • Thanks so much, Hilary! I feel the same way. I much prefer hearing blogger’s true stories. The fun, light-hearted stuff is great as well and they’ll be plenty of that. But I know people can relate to the hard stuff as well and sometimes you need someone going through what you’re going through to help you get through it. I like what you said, “I can more fully appreciate the present”. That’s my goal! :)

  • Yes we do! I’m definitely free next week. Let’s plan something. Lunch works for me! :)

  • Yes! I know what you mean. It’s a great transition. :) Good luck on the change in your blog direction! :)

  • Love you and honesty. Well all can relate to the good and bad! Miss you.

  • Love you and miss you terribly!! About to read your baby update. Cannot wait to see sweet little babe Miller. :) I can’t believe he’s coming in about a month! YAY! I’m so excited for you guys.

  • Love this! I think it’s so important to post all sides of yourself. I know I couldn’t do it any other way. That is actually why I like blogging more frequently – I can share the deeper thoughts, the little anecdotes, the workouts/recipes, and everything in between without feeling overwhelmed or having to box myself in.

  • I was thinking of you today, actually. :) Love reading all sides of bloggers and I really need to be a bit more vulnerable. I also am feeling a calling to share more of my faith. I should, this is from God and I should use it to glorify Him. Just a hard place to figure out how much I should share. I guess I need to be honest about my faith and take it day-to-day how much I share. But I really feel such a strong desire to share more. Just don’t want to push people away or make anyone feel uncomfortable, you know?

  • I’m really glad you posted this – I’ve recently stopped reading a few blogs because I felt like the writers weren’t “authentic” enough for me. They presented their lives as perfect and it was always sunshine and rainbows and not only do I know that’s not what life always is, I don’t want to always read that either.

    So thanks for being honest – and thanks for sharing a little bit more about you.

  • I know what you mean. It’s always a struggle of sorts for me too. I just try to go day by day, like you said, and then bring it up in areas where it naturally fits…then hopefully the way I live my life express it well enough the rest of the way. I hate how that sounds, but it’s the best way I can think to describe it. :)