Sunday, Sunday.

posted on: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Sunday morning came quite early.

We were determined to go apple picking, so we headed to the earliest church service we could. We wanted our whole day free to do some driving and exploring.

Church was pretty amazing on Sunday. We sat down in our seats and the pastor proceeded to tell us that the President of Burundi was here to speak to the congregation. Seriously?! Incredible.

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After church, we headed home to eat some lunch and wear Nola out a bit, before we headed back out for our next adventure. We drove about 45 minutes North where we caught the tail-end of apple picking season. Neither of us have never been apple picking before and it felt like the perfect way to welcome in Fall. Yes, I’m a little obsessed with Fall. It’s only been officially here for a few days and I’ve talked about it almost every post.

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There were mainly apples on the ground and not too many that were good enough to pick, but we managed to find six good ones that I plan on using to make some apple sauce. It was another fun Fall activity that I’m craving so much now, just living more North. Some of my favorite times are just driving around North Carolina and around Charlotte. It’s so beautiful and I am very grateful to be here, especially as the seasons change. I can’t wait to go pumpkin picking in a few weeks, once the temperature drops. Figuring out and discovering all of these little traditions that I want to start now for my family.

All-in-all it was the perfect day that ended with us having dinner with our neighbors and watching football. I just love Sunday. It makes the busyness and stress of the week melt away.

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I’d love to know, what was your favorite part of the weekend? Any fun Fall activities you recommend we try this year?

  • my favorite part of the weekend was the time I spent with The Boy.

    I think that you should rake a biiig pile of leaves up and jump into them, or find a haunted hayride in your area and go!

  • Oh, yes! Sounds like you had a great weekend with the boy. We rent, so our lawn is usually taken care of but I am tempted to invest in a rake and take care of that ourselves, just to jump in the pile. Make leaf angels. The usual! ;) I know of a place that does romantic nighttime hayrides, which may be more our style than getting spooked. But great ideas! Thanks Deva.

  • That sounds like my perfect Sunday. I wish we could do an earlier church service to have more of the day open together. It’s the best of both worlds that way – time with God and time with loved ones. :)

  • Exactly! It’s hard when you go to church and don’t get home until early afternoon. I want Sunday’s to last as long as possible. :)