Work with a view.

posted on: Thursday, September 22, 2011


{ This was taken a few months ago, NOT when I was driving alone! }

So I drove to the mountains solo yesterday. This, you see, is a huge feat for me. I’ve driven those curvy roads before, but not without Adam sitting to my right and encouraging me. I’ve always been a cautious driver. I’m the girl who was perfectly content(to a point) not getting her license until the ripe ol’ age of eighteen.

I grew up in south Florida where the roads where less-than-friendly. In fact, the country’s most dangerous intersection was located not too far from me. It was intimidating. Once I got my license, I didn’t drive for another six months or so. Needless to say, it takes me a while to warm-up to new roads when I’m alone. Especially ones that require my wonderful (but slow) Pontiac Vibe to push itself pretty hard to get up those inclined roads. It was also pouring down rain at points of the drive, but luckily not when I was on the curviest mountain roads.

I made it safe and sound. Woohoo! The roads around here are actually pretty fun, but you definitely have to be extra careful.

I drove up yesterday and was supposed to head home today, but I found out Adam won’t be getting home until late so I decided to soak in a little extra time with my mom. Right now I’m getting some work done, including working on fixing this layout. It’s nice having another view to work. I feel a bit more inspired here.

How could I not? I get to see Christmas trees with every peak out of the window.


My mom and step-dad live on an old Christmas tree farm and I actually already have my tree picked out for this year! Can I start playing Christmas songs and watching Christmas movies yet? This is Florida Christmas weather, after all. I can’t seem to convince myself that Thanksgiving is not next week. This will certainly take some to get used to, but I’m truly loving it!

  • Love the blog, even ‘in progress’. Am sure you’re going to come up with a fresh new looks that suits your fabulous style.

    Do you get freaked out driving with speedy, aggressive drivers? I used to be one and Ryan (a granny driver) would flip his lid driving with me!

  • Thanks, Christie! I appreciate the encouragement. It depends. Sometimes I can handle it, but if it’s just crazy dangerous, I tense up a lot! Adam barely drives five over(love you babe), so I’m the “crazier” driver of the two of us. Surprising, given my hesitance with driving. :)