Miles for Ashley.

posted on: Monday, September 12, 2011

Hey, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We certainly did, it was nice to be in our new city and have a chance to explore and just relax. I’ll tell you more about that later, but first I wanted to let you all know what happened to my dear, sweet friend, Ashley. The one whose gorgeous wedding I was blessed to be a part of.


{ Photo by Chris Humphreys. }

On Friday afternoon she was cycling in Asheville, going downhill at about 25-30 MPH, when she hit a patch of gravel and crashed. You can read her words on it, here. She’s going to be out of commission for a while and Callie has been amazing and started fundraising for her, since she won’t be able to work for the next few months. Hopefully that will help ease the financial burden of being out of work, so if you can contribute, please do! I thought I would collect something different than funds as well. I want to collect miles for her. She won’t be able to ride her bike or go for a run(two of her favorite things) these next few months. So, I wanted to dedicate my miles to her and want to invite you all to do the same!

For the next few months, if you want to dedicate your miles to Ashley, you can use the hashtag #MilesForAshley on twitter and leave a comment on this post with the miles as you collect them. You can leave them daily or weekly, whichever is easiest for you! At the end I will go through each of the comments and add them together for her. She can also check back here everyday to read how you all are doing and any encouraging words you want to leave for her to go with your workout reports. I know that Ashley loves inspiring others to be their best and would be so encouraged to see how others are staying active and dedicating their workouts to her. I’ve been blessed to have run with her a few times and she’s the most fun, positive and encouraging running partner. She was with me on my longest run to this day(8.62 miles) and pushed me beyond what I thought I could accomplish. I want to show her that she can and will continue to push others to move, be active and sweat once a day!


{ Early 2010. }

I’m so grateful she’s still here today and I know for a fact she will be back and better than ever in no time. I hope you’ll join me in encouraging her through running, cycling, practicing yoga and sweating(just leave the amount of time you worked out if running or cycling isn’t your workout of choice). Hopefully this will continue to encourage her, so she can get back to doing the activities she loves very soon. Go leave her some encouraging words on her blog as well! :)

Thanks, friends!


If you’d like to participate and collect miles for Miss Ashley, here’s a blog button!

Just copy & paste this code onto your blog:

<a href=><img src=></a>


As of 3:21 P.M. on 10/4/11 at 10:51 A.M.:

Miles Counted: 1214.18

Time Counted: 185 Minutes

  • So touched. Thank you. <3

  • Pam C

    I ran for the first time in two months today. I was cleared to workout again two weeks ago but continued to mope on the couch. I’m happy that it was today where I can dedicate the first 2.17 miles for Ashley.

  • I love this!

  • Awesome job, Pam!! Thanks so much. Added your 2.17 to the count. :) Way to go!

  • Glad I did the extra .5 mile today! You can add 3 from me! Wishing her a speedy recovery!

  • I’m going to go ahead and say that the 2.8 miles I did on Saturday count since it was shortly after hearing about Ashley’s accident and that most definitely motivated me to get out and run.

  • Looking forward to getting many miles in!

  • I think this is so awesome! Added the button to my blog. :)

  • love this! Just tweeted about it :) GREAT idea! Thanks Katy :) xo

  • 3.18 miles yesterday and 3.96 miles today!

  • Ros

    I ran 7 miles at the lake wishing her an easy and quick recovery the whole way!

  • 2 miles yesterday

  • This is such a fantastic idea! I will dedicate my marathon to her speedy recovery this coming Saturday.

  • 2.5 miles today – more for her tomorrow! :)

  • Love your blog URL “You have legs, so run!” :) Run for those who can’t. Adding your 2.5 now!

  • Ros

    3.1 more grateful miles for ashley!

  • 3 miles today!

  • Walked 2 miles today and my husband did too so that’s 4 more miles for Ashley

  • I’ve logged 7 miles so far this week for Ashley!!! <3

  • 2.5 miles for Ashley today!

  • 4.7 miles for ashley!

  • Joy

    I just logged 14 miles on the stationary bike at the gym of Ashley! I thought of her most of the time… I have a broken foot and an air cast but I figure if she’s up and walking I can bike!

  • I’ve been holding out all week… 20 miles today!

  • I did a 5k race this morning and PB’ed, and I’d like to think Ashley is the reason! Count 3.1 miles for her… and will go ahead and count tomorrow’s 11 mile run while I’m here!

  • Another 2 miles

  • Another 2.9! :)

  • 5 miles for Ashley this Saturday. Thinking of you, and wishing you well!

  • Rode 85 miles today for Ashley :)

  • Did 6 more miles for Ashley!!! Whoo-hoo!!!!

  • I did 4 miles for Ashley at a race on Saturday. My best pace to-date. Coincidence? I think not!

  • No way! That’s amazing. Congratulations, I know this is would THRILL Ashley! :)

  • Nice! :) I’m not up to six yet in my training, it’s pretty intimidating! GO YOU!

  • That’s just amazing.

  • Added! :)

  • Great, added! :)

  • Awesome, Neil! Good luck on that 10k!

  • That’s so great! Added both. :)

  • Wow, double digits alone scare me. That’s amazing. Thanks for counting your miles for Ashley!

  • Wow, that’s just incredible! I know that’ll just make her so happy.

  • Jess

    13.39 miles – Philly Rock N Roll half marathon on Sunday, for Ashley!

  • I ran 6 miles for Ashley this week! <3

  • Only tweeted, forgot to share them here… 68.2 total miles since her accident. Getting after it for you, Ashley!

    Katy- I tweeted (@KoesterRuns) 60.1 the other day, so if you already counted that, then add 8.1 more!

  • Got them! Thanks Christie! :)

  • 16 miles for Ashley today! I wanted to be badass today, and thoughts of her ran through my mind today! :) Ashley, if you read this, know that you’re a crazy inspiration to so many people!

  • miladybowen

    I have a half I am training for and today will be my longest run in a while. Here’s 10 miles for Ashley!

  • I logged another 20 Miles For Ashley this week!!!!! <3

  • today i did my first ever century ride. 100 miles for ashey!!

  • whoops! typo above. *ashley no ashey, obv. biking 100 apparently makes the brain tired too.

  • Girlfriend, you just did a century! You can make as many typos as you need to! ;)

  • Amazing! YAY!

  • I’m coming back from a stress fracture in my foot, but I’m racking up those miles for Ashley! Since Ashley’s accident, I have run 63 miles…and I dedicate them ALL to Ashley! I had the pleasure of meeting her in San Francisco earlier this year. She is not only an inspiration–she is also a lovely, friendly, wonderful person. Here’s to Ashley’s speedy, healthy recovery!

  • Wow, Gavi, amazing!! Thank you so much!

  • 12 more miles for Ashley this week!!!

  • I love your blog!!