posted on: Thursday, September 8, 2011


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So, I’m hired….ish. Okay, so technically I have hired myself. What? All the cool kids are doing it. Or the kids who know what they want to do but know it doesn’t fit in a nice and neat category on Monster or Career Builder.

You know, those kids.

I’m going to be pursuing, mainly, freelance social media but also writing, photography and blogging projects. I realized, not too long ago, that those areas are what I love. Really, it’s everything I’ve learned and loved through blogging itself. I’m super excited to start this new adventure. A new website, business cards, networking. It’s scary, but it’s exciting. Honestly, I feel like this is truly what I’m supposed to be doing right now and I can trust that God is going to bless that.

We’re really blessed in that Adam can provide for us right now on what he makes and I’m able to take this leap of faith with his support. Goodness, I love that man. He’s putting a lot of faith in me and I am forever grateful for that. So, whether I’m learning and growing in the failures or succeeding greatly, I’m on this journey and it’s looking like a wonderful one! Wish me luck, would you? :)

  • Yay for freelancers! I’m taking the freelance route (designer/ illustrator) too! It’s crazy to me how similar our situations are! I’m super lucky that I’m able to pursue freelance and with my husband’s emotional and financial support. It’s really awesome when you have a partner that has your back like that. Good luck to you and feel free to contact me, us freelancers gotta stick together, you know? :)

  • Congrats on taking your leap of faith. you are amazing and I have no doubt that you will do very well.

  • yay Katy! How exciting for you :)

  • Good luck!!! You’re obviously a talented person and I am sure, with your dedication, that you’ll succeed! Best of luck.

  • Get it girl, I am so proud of you and Adam!

  • How exciting! Best of luck – keep us posted, I’m always interested to hear about this process!

  • Thanks so much, Laura! It’s intimidating and I barely know where to start with everything, but I find little opportunities already starting to arise and I’m really excited to get started. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck to you too!

  • Thank you for your sweet words, Jess!! I appreciate it so much. :)

  • Yay!! :)

  • Thanks, Christie. That’s so sweet!

  • Thanks Sana friend!!! :)

  • Thank you! Yes, I definitely will post updates here. :)

  • Congrats for taking this leap! Reading through your blog posts, I feel like we have a lot in common. I have never known exactly what I want to be “when I grow up”, and it certainly does not fit into a neat little box. I recently took a leap and started a blog which I hope will help me rediscover what my passions really are. Good luck:)

  • Best of luck to you in this new adventure! Taking a leap like this is never easy but if you are listening to God and your own heart you can’t go wrong. You will do great!