Exploring My Style: Shopping & Defining

posted on: Thursday, August 11, 2011

Have you heard of FormSpring? You know, where you can ask people who sign-up anything you want?

Well, I have one of those! I just received a question about my style and thought it would be fun to answer here on ze blog!

The question:

what’s your favorite store to shop at? like where do you mostly get your clothes and stuff? and how would you define your clothing style?”



It’s super hard to pick a favorite store, because I frequent a few stores often. My favorites are H & M, Forever 21, Anthro(mainly the sale rack), Zara and Urban Outfitters. I was thinking of how to define my clothing style but I’m not sure I really can. One minute I want to wear pretty gold sandals and ruffles and other times I am in converse sneakers and jeans. Mainly in the summer, I live in T’s and jeans. It’s hard to be motivated to get dressed in anything more put together. The weekends and cooler weather inspire me to try new things.


I like to be comfortable more than anything. Comfort is super important to me. Which means, being just under 5’9″, I don’t wear heels often. I love flats! I want to be high-heels kind of girl but I’m not there quite yet. My style has definitely become much more feminine in the last year. I wear more skirts and dresses, that’s for sure. I also love billowy tops with feminine detail. Still, I’m a total jeans girl. Even in this crazy hot weather! I love, love layers which is why Fall cannot come soon enough. If I could wear my brown boots and jeans everyday, I’d be a happy girl. Oh and my Uggs! I love my Uggs.


I thrive in the Fall. I own way too many jackets and sweaters that, in Florida, I didn’t even get to wear most of. That all changes this year, folks! I can’t wait to break out my jackets, sweaters and scarves! I’m a little obsessed with scarves.



I usually fall in love with a few pieces and try and style them differently to make it fun. I am all about accessories! I recommend Forever 21 for jewelry. For just about $3, you can change the entire look and feel of an outfit. I’m working on pushing myself out of my comfort zone more to find my true style and while budget doesn’t allow for elaborate shopping trips right now, I’ve been working on reworking pieces in my closet and I love finding old favorites! I’m also getting more into thrifting and vintage stores. I’m excited to try and find new treasures that help us save money, but help me spruce up my wardrobe with one-of-a-kind pieces. I’ll be sure to post more about my finds on here as I start exploring thrift stores in Charlotte.

Finding my style is always a process, Pinterest is helping me nail down what I feel comfortable with and it’s fun to see the patterns in what I love. I’m having the best time figuring out what makes me comfortable and feel beautiful. I’m still sifting through my old clothes and donating things I’m not crazy about and filling those spaces with pieces that I love.

The most important piece of the puzzle is feeling comfortable in your own skin, as cliche as that may sound. That’s what pulls a certain style off, if you feel confident then who cares what other people think? Just be true to you!

If you’d like to explore some fashion blogs, J’s Everyday Fashion, Cupcakes & Cashmere and Kendie Everyday are some of my favorites for inspiration. I highly recommend you check them out! They help inspire me to put together clothes in ways I wouldn’t think of. :)

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  • Most my clothes are from Anthropoogie, JCrew, Urban Outfitters, Target, and most recently H&M and Francesca’s. Sometimes Zara but usually they are too expensive and I can find similar things for less at JCrew. I do love their shoes though. :) For shoes, Aldo mostly and then brands like BCBG and Jessica Simpson and of course my favorite Louboutins and Elizabeth & James. :)

  • I forgot to add my beloved J.Crew and Target! I’ve never really thought Zara was too expensive, at least not compared to Anthro. Some pieces are definitely pricier, but it’s the kind of place I’d get a few main staples. Oh and don’t take this the wrong way at all, but I just noticed you said Zara is too expensive, but you own Louboutins. ;) Lucky, lucky girl! I don’t wear heels enough to justify that, but I bet they are gorgeous!

  • I <3 H&M! It's my first time on your blog – you gave a really cute style! :)

  • Thank you! Yes, H & M is the best. :)

  • You have a great sense of fashion! Love your many looks! Fashion is not something that comes easy for me but thankfully my mom and sister are super trendy and try to keep me in the loop! When I do shop I mainly stick to Ann Taylor Loft and Target. I need to check out Forever 21… haven’t been in there in ages! Fun post :)

  • I usually shop the sales at Anthro and find some really good steals. Haven’t yet found steals like that at Zara. I love their clothes but to me they aren’t unique looking enough to pay the price for when I can find similar looking things at J Crew. And yes, I have 1 pair of Loubous, they were a gift though. :) I wish I could afford more but luckily they are black pumps so hopefully they’ll be in style forever! :)

  • Love it! Anthro sales are the best. Oh and those shoes will never go out of style, I’m sure! I bet they are gorgeous! I got my Uggs as a gift as well. :)

  • Beth

    I just started reading your blog, and I have to say, I feel like you’re my long lost fashion twin. Jeans/boot/sweater/jacket weather needs to be year round. How did you ever survive in Florida for so long with the heat preventing you from wearing fun layers?!?

    So glad I found your blog! :-)