Some thoughts.

posted on: Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hey, friends!

I know, it’s been quiet over here. I’ve just been feeling worn out and that can lead to stagnant thoughts and very little to put down on paper (you know, internet paper).

But, I’m here and ready to start writing again. This may be a random post of random thoughts, so I hope you don’t mind. Sometimes I just have to write what comes to mind and this, my friends, is one of those times.


My dreams are so big, I almost can’t contain them. I’m twenty-four years old, but often I dream as if I’m twelve and nothing in the world can stop me. Many people say that’s admirable, but to me? It can be frustrating. My dreams are big, HUGE and I feel like the responsibility of being an adult makes it so much harder to pursue those dreams. I know they can seem impossible to reach, but I am still going to try. That’s all right, right?


Adam worked late the other day, so I made dinner for myself and for when he got back to the house. I was eating solo and realized, even more, how important it is to make your meal look beautiful on your plate. Sometimes it makes eating alone that much more enjoyable.


Home & Life

On the home/Nola front. We have a sugar ant problem. To the point where I had to pick up Nola’s food bowl. She was hungry so this didn’t stop her from eating.


Ha, I love her. We’ve been taking her to puppy classes and our trainer even called her “goofy”. That’s her, my goofy and very crazy girl.

That’s about it for now. Thank you for letting me share my random thoughts, feel free to share your own in the comments. :)

  • Your food looks amazing!

  • :) I wish I dreamed my sleeping is soo boring ;)!

  • Jes

    We recently developed a sugar ant problem as well, only they ignore the cat food and go straight for our bread. Strange.

    I love the picture of Nola! I remember when my golden, Syd, went through what I called his awkward teenage years… his legs seemed too long for his body, his hair seemed too short for a golden, and he was just all around goofy. I loved it!

    Good luck on those dreams!