Our weekend..

posted on: Monday, August 1, 2011

..involved the following:

A haircut(and eyebrow wax..boy I feel better.)

photo 2.JPG

Welcome back, bangs. I’ve missed you so!

A last minute trip to the mountains. With Nola the road trip pro.

photo 1.JPG


Picking fresh vegetables from my mom’s garden and Adam taking the cutest picture of her ever while she enjoyed the fruits of my mom’s labor.


Smile and say “squash”.

We also took the boat out onto a gorgeous lake that’s apparently been voted one of the top 10 prettiest lakes in the country, and I was without my camera. Womp womp. Next time friends, next time. Trust me, I would not have wanted my DSLR out there, it probably would have flown of the boat at some point. It was nice to just soak it all in, poor Nola freaked out a little. She loved the lake the first time she swam in it when she was just 7 weeks old, but this time she HATED it. I think it reminded her of a bath. We need to get this girl used to the water. Any tips? I’m thinking tons of treats and easing her in slowly.

I was happy we had my camera for this shot, though.


That’s actually in our neighborhood..and there were three of them. I love North Carolina.

  • I hate when I don’t have my camera & miss a great moment! But catching that dear standing there is pretty amazing too :)
    Your puppy is so adorable. That squash photo should be on a calendar!
    And I alwaaaays feel better after an eyebrow wax. I don’t know what it is, but those six extra hairs being ripped out just makes me feel like a new woman! lol

  • aaaand I meant deer of course.

  • Seriously! It’s amazing what a clean pair of eyebrows can do for a girl. :)

  • Courtney

    Yup, to get your dog used to water, make sure she has lots of access and opportunities to swim, make it fun and low-pressure and use treats! Positive reinforcement for something like this is the way to go! And she’s super cute, by the way ; )

  • Wow- it looks like you had a really fun weekend. Your hair looks so cute!!