Hire Me Trader Joe’s: Bread & Butter

posted on: Thursday, July 28, 2011

*Trader Joe’s should hire me to run their social media outlets. Why? Well, they don’t really have a social media presence. Sure, they save money by not hiring anyone to run their social media outlets, but you can only hold back for so long. It’s just a smart move this day and age. Social media is becoming essential to every business, big or small. It helps put a face and personality to the company and it’s amazing for customer service. I think I’d be the perfect candidate and that’s what inspired a new series, “Hire Me Trader Joe’s”.

Adam and I are really dream TJ’s shoppers. We spot something new and exciting, we have to try it. Being from Florida where no TJ’s exists, we’re even more grateful to live near one. When we knew we’d be near a TJ’s while traveling, we’d have to make a shopping list of what to bring back home. I’ve also brought back things for friends who knew we’d be shopping at one. Problem is, without having one nearby, we never knew exactly what to get. So hopefully this series helps you build your TJ’s list!

Let’s start with the basics.




Well, Naan bread & Irish butter.

They had naan at the local grocery store back home, but I never really tried it. So when Adam had a late night meeting a while ago, I decided to try a few different things for dinner. I purchased some naan, falafel and another dish. I cooked it all up and it was really delicious. But with all of the spices of the main dish and falafel, I really didn’t get to experience the joy of naan.


One day, I needed a quick snack while Nola was napping, so I followed the instructions and added some real butter like they recommended and oh my WORD!



It was lightly crispy on the outside and warm and chewy on the inside. Plus, I used real butter. The good stuff. The “cream & salt” kind of butter. None of that extra stuff that I can’t pronounce. Not a Paula Deen sized amount, but just enough to lightly glaze the bread. Mmmhmmm!

Ohhh boy, it’s amazing. It’ll really make your day so much better. The birds will start chirping, the dishes will do themselves, the sky will clear up and all of your problems will melt away. Okay, perhaps all of that won’t happen, but it’s butter on delicious bread. Your day will get better. All you need is a couch and some warm naan with butter.


Try it. Then send some hugs and high fives in the mail. It’s always appreciated.

*I don’t really expect TJ’s to come knocking on my door. Today I jokingly thought “I should blog about this naan and butter..and Trader Joe’s should hire me for the advertising.” That random thought just became this series. Hope you enjoy it. :)

  • HI! Love your blog, first time commenting!

    Naan…mmmm! You are so lucky to live near a Trader Joes. I live in Central Virginia.. the closest one is over 3 hours! We actually don’t have any nice grocery stores at all… there a Whole Foods an hour away but that’s still too far!! You seem to already know how lucky you are but I wanted to make you aware of my jealousy!

    Have a good day!

  • Jennifer Miller

    I now want bread and butter…ASAP. Thanks! ;-)

  • Oh, yum! That looks amazing! *Running to Trader Joe’s*

  • Their headquarters is actually outside of LA here in SoCal and I have contacted them about social media with no success :( But, I totally agree that they should hire you :)

  • Really? Boo! They should hire both of us. We could fight crime. Or eat food and tweet about the glory that is Trader Joe’s. You know, either one.

  • MMmm that looks so good!

  • I know you aren’t being serious about TJ’s .. but one of my girlfriends is getting her MBA and one of her courses involved a case study on TJ’s. They keep everyhing very secretive and apparently it is part of their business plan to have little to no social media outlets like twitter, facebook, etc. I guess it adds to their mystique? Since I was a biology major and know little about business, I found that interesting, and hopefully I got the facts right.