Keep Calm & Sing A Song.

posted on: Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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I love music.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, this may be a “duh” moment for you. But yes, I LOVE music.

I still have a dream tucked away in the corner of my heart that one day I’ll be able to write and play music. Note that I did not say “become famous”. But even to have a little gig once a week, at a local coffee shop, just singing. I just love music. I love performing.

One thing has always stood in the way of that..

Fear. Stage fright. An anxiety that perhaps my voice only sounds good to me. That if I tell people I love to sing and they hear me sing, they’ll think I’m crazy and dumb for wanting to do it. I’ve performed before and love it every time, but the next time I am faced with performing I clam up and get super nervous.


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I’ve tried to “get over” this desire to sing. I’d ignore opportunities to audition for my church, I’d mention my love for music and singing and then hope they’d either ask me to audition or it would fall away and I wouldn’t have to put myself out there. But then God comes around again and lights that passion and dream on fire again. Then another opportunity arises.

I wasn’t supposed to see that card, the card I saw on Sunday that mentioned a church here in Charlotte was having auditions. A stack of them, quite literally, fell at my feet. After church, Adam swiped one of the cards and handed it to me. As if presenting my fear and desire in right in front of my face. All at once. Presenting the opportunity to confront the fear or to run away like I’d been doing most of my life. I told him I’d seen them but was trying to ignore it. He didn’t let me. God didn’t let me.

Well, I’ve signed up to audition and I won’t be getting much sleep in the next week. But that’s okay. God and I are going to work through my anxiety and next week I’ll get to sing. Whether or not I make it through, that’s fine. I’m just looking forward to the opportunity to grow in this and see if this is something I really want to pursue. I wondered if I should even share this. I mean, I could just keep it secret so that if I don’t make it, there’d be no need to even mention it. But life is a process, growing is a process and I want to share it all with you. So I will. Perhaps this will push someone else to step outside of their comfort zone and for that reason alone, I’m happy to share this journey with you.

Thank you for reading along.


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  • Good for you, Katy! By putting your goals out there, others can support you and hold you accountable. “Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance.” – Bruce Barton. Good luck!

  • laura

    you wouldn’t believe this but you are the second lesson to say this.
    my friend, just today was telling me that she was talking with her partner about an idea she had then 12 hours later, while she was at church the idea was mentioned & she took it as a sign from god.
    now she will be doing cooking classes out of the church as she has been thinking about for months.

    I love when things like this happen, things click. it’s beautiful

  • Jen

    good luck katy! sometimes i think that putting yourself out there and stating your intention to do something is what you have to do to hold yourself accountable to actually doing it. be confident – you’ll be amazing!

  • San

    How exciting! Good luck! I think it’s awesome that you want to try out…. what do you have to lose? ;)

  • Good luck! I love that quote “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”!! – so true!

  • GOOD LUCK Katy!! You will do fantastic, I know it :)

  • Whit

    Proud of you. You already know that though. :)

  • :) Thanks for being super encouraging and for volunteering to hang out with me that day. You’re the best!

  • Thank you, Kelly! So very sweet of you.

  • I’d also add “Growing begins..” to that as well. :) Thank you!

  • Absolutely!

  • Thank you so much. Exactly! I actually feel much more confident now that I’ve shared it with everyone. Thank you so much for the encouragement!!!

  • Hi Katy! I haven’t commented before, but I just wanted to say that I love the “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I hope you won’t mind if I borrow it sometime:)

    Good luck on your audition! You’ll do great :)

  • eeeee good luck!

  • Good luck! Great that you are being courageous and putting yourself out there. It’s admirable!

  • Ahhh love this. :) God is really, really SO good!

  • Oh gosh, I borrowed it myself! Of course, borrow it! It’s such a great quote. :) Thank you so much, Julia!

  • Ahhhhh thanks friend!

  • Wow, thank you Jess!

  • What an inspiring post! You will do great!

  • Oh, good luck Katy!! I’m sure you’ll do great at your audition!! And if you have some sleepless nights over nerves…just use them to practice. :) I used to be that way before piano performances!