Making It Your Home.

posted on: Monday, July 25, 2011


Renting a house can be wonderful. If anything breaks that belongs to the house, it’s not your responsibility, you can move after a year if you’re not crazy about the neighborhood and just get a feel for what you want when you’re finally ready to buy a home. This rings especially true when you’ve relocated from another state. The only downside? The white walls. At least for us. Sure, we can ask if we can paint and paint it back in a year, but that’s time and money we’d rather not spend on a house we’re only going to be in for a short time. This leaves us having to find other ways to make stark white rooms into a warm and comforting space. I’m going to start a series documenting some little ways we’re decorating to make feel our rental more like our home. Since we’re on a budget, we’re slowly adding in things and I’m having to get creative on how to decorate.

Today, we finally bought a rug. We’ve never had wood floors, so we’ve learned(overtime) that a rug is a MUST. I also realized that whatever rug we picked would pretty much dictate the color pillows I end up buying for the couch and really our whole color scheme for the living room. We check out a few places and finally found something we liked at Target.

We ended up with this one.











I love the warmth it brings to the room, the comfort it brings to our toes and the colors! I can also see adding some yellow and teal throw pillows with more texture in the future, which makes me really excited, but throw pillows are a bit pricey, so we’ll add those in slowly. I love how the rug ties our living room together and makes it feel much more complete.

Now to figure out how to get Nola to not chew the heck out of it. Hmmm..

  • that’s rug is stunning, it looks so incredibly brilliant with all your furniture.

    I especially love your idea of adding yellow, that would totally work & I’m kind of jealous that I can’t sit there in that room. it looks so peaceful.

    (p.s- that sounds much creepier than I meant it too)

  • Thank you! Ha, no not creepy. I totally get what you’re saying. It’s very peaceful now. Last night we lit a candle and had the dimmer light on with some music, it was so comfortable. I feel like it’s finally getting to be our cozy little haven. Love!

  • It’s amazing how one thing can change a room, isn’t it? I’m excited for this new series!

  • Love it – and I want a house – rent or not! :)

  • I know what you mean about being a renter! My boyfriend and I are not at the point in our lives to own a home just yet (though next year may be another story!) so we have to make do with our entire apartment full of white walls. We have great curtains and red accent pillows on our sofa in the living room. We have vertical-striped curtains in the bedroom along with a bright red area rug. The dining room has bright red candle-holders. Just a pop of color helps!

  • Ohhh i *totally* feel ya on the stark white walls! I have yet to own and I cannot WAIT until the day that I get to pain my very own walls. The run y’all picked out is beautiful!! Great taste :)