Mission: Get Settled.

posted on: Saturday, July 23, 2011

Considering the fact that this is our first weekend by ourselves in Charlotte, we’ve made it our mission to get the house completely in order.


This means the usual house cleaning.


– Finish organizing the office.

– Organize closet.

– Organize pantry.

– Clean fridge/freezer.

– Buy more things for the house($$$$).

Well, after five hours of errands we’re home for the day and ready to tackle some of these projects.

But we will be needing this:


..and tonight, perhaps, some of this:


Why, hello Chuck.

P.S. I’m way too excited about our new rug.




But more on that later.

*I’ve decided to start posting on the weekends. Just something small once or twice during the weekend. :)

  • That rug is soooo awesome! I love the colors! Where’d you get it?

  • Target! :) I love the colors too. We mainly used reds and browns, so I’m loooving the blues and teals.

  • I love that rug!

  • Thanks Becky, we loooooove it too. :)

  • I love that rug! Looks from another comment that you got it at Target, I will definitely be stopping there to check out the selection, we are in desperate need of a non-dog chewed rug!

    Speaking of dog, that little fuzzy pup on the rug is pretty adorable as well :)

  • Yes, but we’re having to keep a close eye on her and that rug. She’s trying to sneak nibbles at it when we’re not looking. ;) Wal-Mart had some cute rugs too, also Ikea!

  • Yeah, be careful, puppies can be sneaky! ;) Olive chewed all four corners of the one we have now, but *fingers crossed* she is done with that phase…she does turn 4 in October, so I’m hoping I can say that with confidence and buy a new one with no issues :)

  • San

    Coffee and a glass of Chuck! YES!