Charlottesville Stroll.

posted on: Thursday, July 21, 2011










{ Baby girl loves sleeping at my feet in the car when we have the air blowing down there. I’m going to miss her being this small. }

After all of the festivities quieted down and my mom and step-dad headed home, we met up with Adam’s parents and headed to Charlottesville for just a few hours before making the beautiful drive home. We sat at a cafe and I sipped on a caramel iced breve while we chatted. Nola enjoyed all of the attention she received and we enjoyed some more time with Adam’s parents. We’re so used to seeing them all of the time, since they live just outside of Orlando, so spending time with them was just wonderful. We also managed to buy some fresh kettle corn that Nola tried to beg her way. I may have “accidentally” dropped a kernel or two. Whoops, how clumsy of me!


  • Jes

    Oh she is getting so big! She is adorable. Charlottesville seems lovely.

  • Beautiful pictures! What a nice relaxing trip you had! (Haha, and that picture of her staring SO INTENTLY at the popcorn is awesome!)

  • Pretty pictures! Oliver used to lay on the floor of the car like that when he was hot. He’s too big now. Enjoy the crazy puppy stage. It doesn’t last long. :)

  • I’ll miss her being so small but I won’t miss some of the craziness. Does it calm down soon? Some days It’s overwhelming! I think it’s cause I’m most of the day, too. I’m making more of an effort to get out of the house. :)

  • Thank you! We had a great trip..and yes, I love her intense desire for kettle corn. I can’t blame her! Nom, nom, nom..