Settling In.

posted on: Thursday, July 14, 2011

A little over a month ago, we moved our lives a few states away to gorgeous Charlotte, North Carolina. A dream that took a year to come to fruition. I am realizing how blessed I am in the midst of feeling crazy overwhelmed. You see, the truth is that just because a dream comes true, it doesn’t mean life is or will be perfect or even easy. I never really thought it would be. I guess I just didn’t think settling into this new life would take so long. It’s only been about a month, but it’s taking a lot longer than I thought to get used to being in this whole new place. This entire new chapter in our lives. This could be due to our crazy travel schedule and the insaneness of last month that I’m still recovering from, as amazing as it all was.

This is what my calendar looked like for June:

{ In the blank days, add in “unpacking”. There was lots of that! }

A bit crazier than I am used to, that’s for sure. Especially considering that it included a huge move in the middle of it.


It’s definitely taking time to get settled and making many things a little more difficult, but I’m working on it. I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop and just the act of getting out of the house is helping. I feel like a stay-at-home mom with a toddler thanks to my sweet Nola. I love her, but getting out of the house and not feeling anxious she’s going to wake up before I complete some tasks is a very, very good thing. Puppies are A LOT of work. I knew that too, but I still deeply underestimated her intense energy and how difficult it would be to be productive when home.


As hard as it has been to feel settled, I am totally loving being here. I am certainly not complaining, it’s just an adjustment. I underestimated how huge the change was and is and I am realizing that now. It was a big, big change and it’ll take some getting used to. It really feels like a whole new life. For as long as we had to wait to get here, it still feels like it happened so fast. It didn’t feel real until it was certain and once it was certain, we were here in two weeks. All this to say, I’m working on getting settled and now that we’ve been in town for over a week at a time without traveling, it’s starting to happen. We’re here. In our new home.

For that, I am so grateful.


{ I really, really love my new city. }

  • That close up picture of Nola is SO precious! I want to grab her up and give her a big hug!

  • Hi! I have family in Charlotte and it is a lovely city!! So glad you’re happy there.

  • Nola looks like a commercial dog. As in, that photo you ROCKSTAR-shot of her, she looks like the little puppy always causing mischief with the toliet paper rolls or something. xo

  • I love Nola hugs! Although, she’s a squirmy energetic puppy and won’t snuggle for too long unless she’s SUPER tired, but hopefully she’ll get snugglier as she gets older. ;)

  • Aw, Charlotte is the best, and we’re lucky to have you! :)

  • Oh my gosh, NOLA is already looking more grown up in her face!

    Settling in is always harder than expected. Just take it one day (or box!) at a time, and try not to let yourself get too overwhelmed!