Dream away.

posted on: Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Right now I’m sitting at my new desk, in my new office chair, in our new office.


It’s an amazing feeling to have a space in our house where I can focus on work, blogging, photography, anything really, and not feel like I need to get out of my own house to be productive. Nola’s sleeping and I can sit in here and work away. I can focus on my goals and that is an amazing feeling.


I told Adam “this is where I’m going to start my creative business and my dreams are going to come true.” It just came out of my mouth and I didn’t stop it. I just had to say it out loud. I’m ready to start trying new things and follow through with pursuing what I love to do. I’m ready to believe in myself and believe that I’m worth following my dreams. Ready to believe that I am good enough and, as a dear friend advised me, stop selling myself short.

I’m starting to look for work here in Charlotte and hopefully I’ll find something I enjoy with people that I enjoy working with and where I can feel like I contribute and learn. On the side, I will work towards my dream and I’ll work hard for it. It won’t be overnight, it’ll take plenty of time and really hard work, but I can and will do it. I have to.

The first step is to start getting my goals down on paper.*


It’s never too late to start working for what you really want. Please do not sell yourself short and If you need a little encouragement to pursue your dreams, I’m just an e-mail away.

*One of my main goals is to get my blog back on track. Changing the look, getting back to posting often, new features, etc. So glad to finally be settling down and excited to be blogging again. Another goal was to create a Facebook page for the blog. One goal reached, many more to go! Thanks for sticking with me during this time of transition. You all are wonderful!

  • Yay! Congrats on moving forward in this new chapter in your life. I’m just trying to get accustomed to our new schedule and having a REAL desk does seem like such a big awesome step towards moving forward with my career goals also. Good luck with everything!

  • Congratulations! I’d be inspired to do wonderful creative things in that chair. xo

  • Love your space. Love that you’re creating a place for you to dream!

  • Your office looks amazing! It’s the perfect space to start making your dreams come true!!

  • Good for you! Saying your dreams out loud is the first step to making them happen. That chair is lovely! It’s perfect for an office.