Bo aka Bubba aka Best dog ever.

posted on: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello, friends. Sorry for being so quiet, life is just starting to calm down and feel normal again. We traveled a lot this weekend for a friend’s wedding, but we’re back in Charlotte and Nola is in the mountains for the week so I have the chance to get a lot of housework done. Adam started his job today, so hopefully I can be productive.

Sadly, this hasn’t been the easiest weekend. Our sweet dog, Bo, passed away yesterday.



Our beloved pup, Bo, passed away yesterday. He was 13 and we had 10 wonderful years with him as part of our family. He wasn’t doing well when I saw him on Thursday and I was freaking out. He could barely stand. But, he pulled through and by Sunday night he was doing really well. In fact, I could hear him barking on the phone, just as lively as normal and I felt major relief, I was hoping for a few more months with my friend. He passed away on his own yesterday. Really, it was the ideal situation. He was never in pain and we never had to make the decision. He was ready to go and was surrounded by Nola and my step-dad, his best buddy. He knew he was loved. Nola had been extra sweet to him this weekend and was being really quiet after he passed. Dogs are so intuitive. I’m not here to make anyone sad, but it’s so hard losing a pet. Let alone, our second family pet in a few months.

Bo was one of my best friends in high school. We adopted him January 3, 2001(we found his humane society adoption papers) it was apparently his birthday and he had just turned three years old. He came with us that fall when we traveled up north to live in Massachusetts, he was with us when the country was forever changed on 9/11. He moved back home to Florida with us when we couldn’t be away from home with everything going on, just a few months later. He went through every year of high school with me and saw every bit of high school heartbreak I dealt with during those years. He followed us all around the house, never wanting to be alone. When I moved to college, I didn’t cry when my mom left me at my dorm(which was a huge deal, we’re very close), when I talked to my mom that night she told me that they asked Bo, “Where’s Katy?”. He ran into my room and tried to find me and when he couldn’t, he started whimpering. When they told me that, I bawled. He was my buddy, my bear. Our Winnie The Pooh looking dog. He was the best.

A lot of people think getting a puppy right before moving was bad timing. Nola just fell into our laps and I fell in love, but moving has been so hard with a small pup. After yesterday, I realized why she came into our lives when she did. She’s a comfort in this hard time, she was so sweet to Bo this weekend when he wasn’t feeling well, she got to meet her Uncle Bo and play with him, and she’s going to help heal our hearts. It’s hard to adopt another pet and let your heart open again after experiencing the loss of a friend, but I wouldn’t trade those ten years for anything. When you let your heart open to an animal, you will experience an unconditional love and joy like nothing else. I think it’s our little glimpse of heaven on Earth. I’ll miss my buddy so much and my heart is aching, but I have peace that he’s now with our Romeo and having a ball.

We love you, buddy.


  • I’m so sorry for your loss Katy. Losing a pet is the worst. I was a complete and utter mess the first time I lost a rabbit. I think the thing that’s most heart breaking is that pets are PURE LOVE, they are just like you described them, always doting on you and being your cute furry friends. That love is so unconditional, it’s not like anything else. I’m glad you appreciated the life you had with him, and you’ll always have those memories in your heart. If you are feeling blue and want to go for froyo or something to feel cheered up, definitely let me know!

  • Jen

    Aww Katy :( This post has me in tears! I am so glad Bo didn’t suffer. I truly believe you were meant to get Nola when you did. It’s amazing how things work out! I bet you can’t wait to have your little girl back in your arms :)

  • I will definitely let you know! Thank you sweet friend. Hope to see you very, very soon.

  • I. Cannot. Wait. I’m glad she was there with him and that she’s providing a little comfort to my mom and step-dad, but I really can’t wait to see her Saturday night and to bring her back home. I’d love for you all to meet her soon. :)

  • Juani

    This was so sad!I wish more people could learn to love animals with this kind of passion.The world would truly be a better place for us all.After all,we were put on earth to take care of it,and all the animals on it.But since most animals are totally wild,God gave us the best of the best (dogs and cats) to keep us company ;)

    I hope you feel better soon.xoxo

  • Oh Katy, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of Bo. I teared up a little reading about him. Our dog Bradley is going to be 11 in September and I can’t imagine our life without him but I know one day, hopefully not too soon, I’ll be writing a similar post about him. Big hugs!

  • San

    So sorry… it’s hard to let go :( but it’s great that you have Nola to help you heal!

  • You know that I have my Daisy that I love to bits so reading about the passing of your Bo is particularly hard.

    I’m so very sorry friend. :(

    What a blessing your sweet NOLA has been in this time. God definitely works in mysterious ways.

    I’ll be praying for all of you – may God heal your broken hearts!

  • Aw hun, I’m so very sorry. There’s nothing quite like losing your family pet. Our dog Bailey passed away last year and I know we will never forget her. I’m sure Bo will live in your hearts the same way, and that new pup of yours will remind you of all of the happy memories you shared with him – and help you make some new ones as well! :)

  • I’m sorry for the loss of your friend, I’m glad you have a new puppy to help you heal. We almost lost our dog this last winter and were faced with giving her to the vet because we couldn’t afford the surgery ( he couldn’t/wouldn’t put her down because she is only four). Thankfully the vet worked with us and we were able to keep her but the thought of not having her broke our hearts. My thoughts will be with you and your family.

  • I’m so sorry on the loss of your precious puppy! He was adorable, and it’s never easy to lose something that becomes part of the family. I’m glad you have so many wonderful, sweet memories of him.

  • So sorry to read about Bo :( xo!