posted on: Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Phew! What a whirlwind week it’s been.

I feel like one of those roller-coaster tycoon people that’s been picked up and moved to another location, brought into this other life. Is this for real? Is this my new town? My new place? My new puppy? Really? I feel so blessed, overwhelmed, exhausted, happy, all of that rolled into one, and just as I’m starting to feel a part of this new life, we have to go out of town. We’re heading back to Orlando tomorrow and to my hometown(Ft. Lauderdale) Friday. I’ll see some family and on Saturday, head to Adam’s old roommate’s wedding. It’s going to be a blast, but I already can’t wait to be back here. It’s already home!

I promise a photo tour and longer update as soon as things start to not look as if a hurricane ripped through here. Moving and unpacking is a pain, but it’s nearly impossible with a 9-week-old puppy needing lots of attention, love, walks and food. Since I’m in Ashley’s wedding the following weekend in Asheville, we’ve decided to let Nola stay the whole week in the mountains. It’s Adam’s first week of work and it’ll give me a chance to get our place unpacked and settled.

Life’s been crazy, but I’ll be back to blogging regularly next week. So much to write, so little energy.

For now, I’ll leave you with pics of our Nola.

She looks innocent enough, but don’t let the cuteness fool you.

photo 3.JPG

This was in between her trying to eat my hands this morning. She’s a true puppy through and through.

Adam says he can see the rage building in her in this next one..

photo 5.JPG

Pure rage right there. Dreaming of the fingers and tree limbs she wants to gnaw on with those sharp teeth of hers. She’s a crazy pup, but we love her!

  • She sleeps funny on her back like that…. so cute. :)

  • She’s really funny! She does some things that just make me shake my head and laugh. When she gets worked up, she starts chasing her tail like crazy.

  • Jen

    Yay, so happy you’re here (even though you’re technically traveling now). Nola looks so precious!

  • your puppy is adorable! I absolutely love your blog, I read it daily! :)