posted on: Thursday, June 9, 2011


{ photo found via Wikipedia via Julius Schorzman }

As I look around our apartment, there’s still much to do. But I can’t find the one and only coffee mug that fits under our Keurig, that’s NOT packed in boxes. Did I accidentally pack it yesterday for some strange reason? Did it jump in the box, needing a vacation to end it’s coffee-holding misery? I called Adam stating that this was a life or death situation, but even my overdramatization couldn’t help him pinpoint the whereabouts of said coffee mug.

It’s missing.

So I sit here in a coffee-less daze. Wondering how tempted I am to reopen a box and wash a mug for a delicious burst of energy.

Oh coffee, what have you done to me?

  • San

    I can so relate to that. I thought I had packed all our boxes carefully and labeled them, when we moved at the beginning of May, but there were still things I couldn’t locate right away.
    Frustrating. Especially if a cup of coffee would make things so much better :)

  • I totally had that happen to me the last time I moved. I swear things would “pack themselves”! Annoying.

    I say, go out and get yourself some coffee. It’s necessary ;)

  • Have you tried removing the bottom tray from the Keurig? I have to do that all the time to make my mugs fit!

    I hope you’ve gotten some caffeine since you wrote this post :)