All quiet on the blogging front.

posted on: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hey everyone!

Thank you SO much for all of the congrats and well-wishes on our moving post! We’ve had a busy week so far! This weekend I spent a good amount of time with Ashley and her other bridesmaids. So excited for her wedding in just 2 1/2 weeks! Adam packed a good bit while I was gone on Saturday and after a busy Sunday, we worked from 8-midnight packing some more. We even made a 10 PM trip to Wal-Mart for some boxes. Just a good few more hours and we’ll be done with packing! We have about two get togethers every night this week until Thursday when we pack up the moving truck. Just making time saying “see you soon” to everyone we can before we head off. Friday, we’ll have an empty studio apartment and we’ll work on patching up a few holes and deep cleaning the place. Then, Saturday, we’re off to Charlotte! It’s a busy week and I’m already exhausted, but it’s so worth it! I’m feeling so nostalgic and a little weepy at the thought of leaving the people I love here in Orlando, but Adam’s family lives here so we’ll be back plenty to visit. I’m reaching the point of just pure excitement.

I can’t wait to get the moving truck to our new place and start settling into our new home.

Until then..


This is life. :)

When you live in a studio apartment, your world sort of gets taken over by boxes.

I may be a bit quiet on the blog until next Wednesday when we get internet at our new place, but I’ll be able to update on twitter and will try and post a moving update this weekend! I’m also trying to keep a journal of the last few days in Orlando and moving, so I’ll post those sometime next week as well.

We’ll see you in Charlotte!

  • Good luck with the move!

  • We need to all go out to dinner or something when you arrive! :)

  • San

    Hope everything goes smoothly! So excited for you!

    P.S. Did you see, you received an award on my blog :)

  • Have a GREAT safe move! And how was I not following you on twitter?! (Don’t worry, I fixed that).

  • Yay happy moving! What moving company did you decide on? I’m moving to Austin soon and i’m trying to figure out how i’m going to do it!

  • Thank you!

  • Yes! That weekend may be crazy, but maybe Sunday or Monday night? We’ll see how everything goes!

  • Thank you! I’ll go check out the award now. You’re so sweet!

  • Thank you! Glad you added me on twitter. :)

  • Well, we live in a studio and don’t have a sofa or bed set(just mattress and box spring), which helps a lot. Adam’s driving a 12-foot truck and I’m driving my car. His car will stay at his parents until we fly back in the following week for a wedding in South Florida and then we will be driving his car back up, phew! If we had a bigger place, we’d either get movers or have friends just help.