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posted on: Thursday, May 26, 2011


On the morning of our two year anniversary, my husband was very anxious for me to open my computer. This is very not normal, so I raised an eyebrow but finally caved.

I recorded what I found.

It takes a little bit to load once you press play, but I thought it was very much worth sharing. He stole the idea from this and wanted to make sure I gave proper credit. Still, he took the time to make it his own and he’s just so darn cute. It made me very, very happy. Thank you, my love!


  • Seriously A D O R A B L E. I love love stories.

  • San

    Awww….. sweetest thing EVER!

  • Jes


  • This is so cute. you got a keeper!

  • Congrats on the anniversary! You guys are the cutest :)

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing people so much in love!


  • That is the cutest ever. Seriously.

  • Adam: Setting higher standards for boyfriends and husbands everywhere :)

  • Aw, that’s very cute! Happy anniversary!

  • awww! That’s the most thoughtful, sweetest note ever! I’m going to show it to my husband later (hopefully he’ll get the hint to do something as equally sweet on our anniversary!). You’re very lucky!