I can feel it.

posted on: Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I’m a very positive person. I trust my gut on many things and I’m feeling so positive that things are about to get crazy in the BEST way. I just have a really good feeling about this week. It’s hard feeling SO positive, honestly. I wrestle with the power of positive thinking. I can feel so good about something, but does that mean it will always happen? Not necessarily. So many people are praying for us right now and I know 100% that Adam will only get this job if it’s the right path for him to take. I thought the hardest part was up until this point, but it seems this week is the hardest so far. It’s not easy waiting, but we’re leaning on God right now. We know and trust that He loves us SO much. He’s taking such good care of us and even blessed us with our puppy this weekend.

I was reminded of this last night, when we headed to Target, a bit out of the blue, when we realized we needed to pick up a few things. I suggested that we didn’t need to go to Target, but we agreed that saving a few dollars on toilet paper was worth the slightly longer trip to Target. It made our day just to be able to walk down the dog aisle and think of all the toys we’ll be able to get our pup. To back this story up a bit, Adam suggested the name “Nola” because we saw the name somewhere and I remember him telling me that he liked the name and I agreed. We couldn’t remember who had the name or where it came from, but both remember that moment. Now back to our trip to Target. We grabbed what we needed and headed to one of the few check out lines opened. A lovely woman was standing at the cash register. She was beautiful with a warm, friendly smile and demeanor. Honestly, one of the nicest cashiers I’ve ever encountered. My eyes widened a bit as we waited in line. Turning to my husband, I said quietly under my breath, “I know where the name came from” and nudged my head in her direction. On the friendly cashiers name tag was the name “Nola”. She had checked us out once before, and after that is when Adam mentioned the name. It’s funny how it just came full circle. To me it was a reminder from God that He is looking out for us and writing our story better than we ever could and no matter how this week goes, that’s something I can trust.



She’s so precious.

  • I’m sure someone else has already told you this, as well….

    but Nola is often a nickname for New Orleans.

    Louisiana = LA



    :) the end.

  • Oh I know. We already knew that, but neither of us have been there so there’s no connection to that. He had commented after seeing it on her name tag. We never thought of it as someone’s name. :) But I am secretly hoping to find a Nola shirt. ;)

  • What a great story! And seriously…that puppy is too cute!

  • What a great story and reminder to me about God’s hand in our lives at all times. Thinks for the deeper story behind all of this!

  • She is precious!!! And you are blessed!!! So keep on believing for your breakthrough!!! :)

  • Nick

    I named my crowbar NOLA after New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • So I’ve heard. :)

  • Seriously, He’s orchestrating everything perfectly, whether we feel it at the moment or not! It’s hard to always believe that, but He hasn’t steered me wrong yet!

  • Thank you girl, I am! :) :)

  • Thank you!! Not that I had anything to do with her cuteness. I’m just lucky she’s ours!! :)