Meet Nola.

posted on: Monday, May 23, 2011

Well, we arrived home from North Carolina late last night and I’m feeling pretty exhausted! But, Monday must go on, right?

We had a really great, productive trip and hope to hear how everything went by the end of this week. Please keep those prayers and wishes coming, we appreciate them very much. I really really hope everything works out this week!

On Friday, we headed to the mountains. We were planning on a relaxing and amazingly uneventful time just hanging out with my family. Well, it was an amazing weekend with family, that’s for sure. It wasn’t planned, but on Saturday…this happened:


Yep, we are now parents of a little girl golden retriever pup named Nola. We’re not allowed to have dogs in our current place, so she’ll be living in the mountains with my mom and step-dad until we move up to the North Carolina. This was not planned at all, but the perfect chance to adopt came up and we fell in love with her. It wasn’t easy to leave her, but she’s getting so much love, attention and space to play. Though I really I can’t wait to be with her in Charlotte full-time.

Because puppy pictures never get old(at least, I hope not), here are a bunch of our girl. :)




Nola and her friend, Lilly. She likes to think she can try and carry logs that are practically as big as she is.


I had a little fun snapping tons of shots of Adam and Nola.

Love these..





That last one just may be my favorite picture ever.

We love her so much! Hope you don’t mind bloggers gushing about their dogs or telling dog stories, because they’re coming. I can’t help it! She’s so sweet. Plus, my mom and step-dad send me pics of her daily so I may have to share those often. For those of you who don’t know, we’ve been pining for a pup for a very long time, so this is huge for us. This dog is going to be SO unbelievably loved!

  • Omg she is so cute! I am jealous.

  • OMG! I want a dog SO badly!! This makes me want to go on a puppy buying search! Nola is adorable!!

  • Thank you! We had to be very patient for along time, she was worth the wait. :) Sometimes the perfect opportunity falls into your lap and that’s exactly what happened.

  • Jen

    Omg she is so precious! Congrats on your baby! And no, I promise puppy pics never get old.

  • Yay! SO CUTE! Puppy playdate with Clyde!!!

  • YAY!!! Lots of puppy play dates!!

  • Thank youuu and GOOD! :)

  • Love her! :)

  • Aw, she’s so rolly polly and cute! I cannot wait to get another dachshund. I don’t mind you gushing about your dog. I’m the obnoxious person who can’t help but baby talk around puppies. Now you have to move here soon so I get a chance to cuddle her while she’s still a puppy! ;)

  • I think I just squealed. ADORABLE! And fingers crossed about the interview! Keep us posted!

  • Oh my adorable. You are right, puppy pictures never get old. That last photo of Adam with the pup is so precious!!

  • Nola is adorable!!! I want a dog so bad, hopefully soon! Have fun with the pup!!

  • oh my goodness. Nola is absolutely adorable. I got a golden retriever puppy in January. She looks just like her! I cannot wait to see all the pictures. I think mine (Ellie) makes an appearance in all my posts :)

  • I love the pictures. Sooo cute. Goldens are such great dogs :)

  • I’m so thrilled for you!!!!! ?

    In fact, I had even prayed that you got the puppy you so desperately wanted….and there she is!!!!

    Oh and btw, I LOVE puppy pictures!!!!!!

  • Aww, congratulations! Nola is a little sweetie. My parents just got a new lab/husky mix puppy who’s about the same size and it’s been so much fun to play with her.

  • Nick

    Adam pictures never get old.