How I Met Your Mother.

posted on: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do you watch this show?


I know it’s been around for a while, but lately Adam and I watch it like crazy. I haven’t even watched Friends in days–GASP! I know. Although, I’ll probably watch some tomorrow, let’s be honest. Still. We’re getting the DVDs from our library and love it! We’re on the last disc of season two and I’m already plotting which libraries to hit to get season three. Especially since we’re driving to Charlotte next week for another “find a job” trip and we’ll need the entertainment!


P.S.(If you do watch it) This made me really happy.

Sometimes I like to veg out to a good show.

What shows are your favorites? Any other suggestions for us?

  • San

    I haven’t really watched ANY of the popular shows.
    Is this one really that good?


  • LLOOOVVVEEE that show! I also came acorss the show “late” i watched all the seasons so far last summer and would watch disc after disc, so funny and addicting!

  • My hubby and I are making our way through How I Met Your Mother DVDs too! We just started season 2. Other shows we’re watching right now may not help as they are in no way similar but we’re also making our way through Alias again, House, and then he loves Scrubs (I’m more indifferent about that one).

  • lauryn

    I’ve heard so many good things about this show, but I haven’t gotten my hands on the first season yet! I can’t wait to start watching it.

  • Looooove that show!! We did the same thing recently, watched it starting from season 1.

  • I love How I Met Your Mother too! My hubs and I watch together and there have been a lot of episodes that remind me of him, so it cracks us both up. Like the ones with Marshall and the Fiero, because Greg had a Fiero in high school and that also got a tape stuck in the tape deck. The show is great!

  • I love that show! My hubby actually introduced me to it…which is amazing because he never watches cute, funny, sitcom-y shows like that!

  • We just started watching this show, too…and it’s pretty amazing. I’ve been watching the new-ish ones too and I’m ready to see who the mother is!!

  • I’ve watched the show on and off since 2008 (i’m actually watching right now!) but have never watched it straight through. I watch it whenever I catch it on TV…there are 4 episodes on a night where I’m at.