Goin’ to Carolina.

posted on: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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On Monday I packed, on Tuesday we ate cupcakes in Georgia and on Wednesday we headed to our destination for the weekend.

We woke up early that morning for our hotel breakfast and then hit the road. We wanted to make it in time for even just thirty minutes with my mom and step-dad before they left. We were dog-sitting for them and they had to leave pretty close to when we got there so that they could drive to South Carolina to catch their flight.

Once they left, we had 20 acres and a cute little house to ourselves for the weekend.

Oh and this guy too, of course.


{ Meet Bo. Our family dog. We used to be BFF’s before I moved away to college, but after a few hours it’s like we never were apart. I also think he looks like Winnie The Pooh in dog form. }

We grilled out (in 40 degree weather), we hiked, we laughed, we rode around on the ATV, we drove to the see the Biltmore, we drove on the same portion of street that Forrest Gump did on his run across America(I used to work at Bubba Gump’s), we explored and we relaxed. We also had a few adventures such as seeing a mouse in the house the first 24-hours of being there. Not that I freaked out or anything. Nope, not at all. (Okay, maybe that’s a lie.) It was such a wonderful trip that I cried the first hour of the drive back. It’s such a blessing though, knowing this is a place for us to come anytime we want and that’ll be much easier once we move up to North Carolina!

I took hundreds of pictures and thought the best way to share them would be through a little video, so here you go!

Our time in the mountains..

{ The song is “Vagabond” by Wolfmother. }

That’s pretty much our entire trip. I have a feeling we’ll be back very soon!

  • What a neat little video, and what a beautiful trip!!! I just love the tulips!!!

  • cutest video ever!!! sooo pretty!!!!! we need to visit!!

  • Yes, please!!! We’d love to have you visit. We could grill out, ATV and go hiking. That’d be so fun!

  • What a great video!

  • Thank you!

  • he DOES look like Winnie the Pooh!

    i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the video. you are talented. and i am remembering this for future projects i can hire you for. get excited.

    also – i know you are really excited to live in NC one day, but if you wanted to come live in CDNY instead, I’m pretty sure I would be A-OKAY with that. I want to be NEAR YOU. and I think that whomever I marry can be BFF with your hubby and then we can be double dating all-stars.

    oh, wait. did I say “who ever I marry?”

    i didn’t mean that :P

  • Your gas bill must be insane right now with how much you guys go back and forth. :) I’m sure I’d fall in love with it too though if I visited so I can’t blame you. I’m more of a mountains girl than a beach girl :)

  • Seriously! Most of the time it’s to Charlotte where it’s necessary for Adam to have his meetings to get us up there. Luckily, my mom paid for our gas bill this round so we could dogsit, which made it very worthwhile! It’s amazing up there and I totally agree, I’m definitely more a mountain girl than a beach girl too. You’d really love it up there! :)

  • Oh how I love your comments, Heather! :) Glad you liked the video! I wish we could be neighbors but I don’t think I could convince Adam to move up there, but you should come check out Charlotte, it’s gawjuss dahling!

  • it’s been discussed ( keep that on the downlow…..as i put it on the internets….ahem.)

  • Nick

    I bookmarked this so I could watch the video when I had time. I loved it. That must have taken hours.

  • Aww, thank you Nick! Yep, it took hours! Well worth it. :)

  • You chose the RIGHT SONG for this video. So perfect. I loved you skipping in the tulips. :) It’s always sad when those amazing trips are over!!